Evan's Top Five Favorite Ingredients

Evan's Top Five Favorite Ingredients

Sea Buckthorn Seed and Berry + Pomegranate


Together they amplify the other’s effects. This trio of ingredients exhibit an extraordinary combination of fruit, seed and berry oils known for their revitalizing effect on skin. They are high EFA, carotenes, tocopherols. In addition, they contain polyphenols and conjugated fatty acids which offer a holistic solution for blemished and congested skin; mature, dry, dehydrated, flaky, irritated, sun-damaged and sunburned skin.

Calendulas Plant



This flower is one of my favorite plants for wounded skin. We add our own infusion of calendula oil to our Whipped Shea Butter with Olive Leaf. We also sell a limited edition of Calendula HydroSoul distilled from its brilliant golden orange blossoms. Our Calendula HydroSoul exhibits the same gentle, soothing and calming attributes as the calendula plant oil infusion. Calendula soothes chapped, dry skin, and can be applied as a treatment for impure skin.

Tulsi Plant



Also known as Holy Basil (Ocimum sanctum), it is a game changer as a HydroSoul. I chose tulsi to use as a hydrosol because it grows easily in the microclimate of the PNW. We offer an artisan distilled in copper Tulsi HydroSoul. Many companies who sell hydrosols sell them as the by-products of essential oil distillation. But we distill for the hydrosol alone. This produces an exceptionally unique, active, hydrating, and protective 'water' for the skin. Frequent misting has an exceptional action, helping to cleanse, rejuvenate and purify blemished skin, and decongest clogged pores.

Its spicy fragrance enlivens the emotions, bringing conscious awareness into the mind. In a phrase: ‘it awakens’. In the wisdom of Ayurveda, Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) exhibits antioxidant, purifying, grounding benefits to skin and psyche.

This plant is not to be confused with basil linalool (Ocimum basilicum), tulsi's more sweet-scented culinary comrade. Both have superb energizing and restorative attributes.

Rosehip Plant



Rosehip seed oil is rich in the naturally occurring pro-vitamin A and vitamin C. It has considerable amounts of polyunsaturated essential fatty acids (EFA) containing 80% gamma linolenic and linoleic acid. With daily use, rosehip oil works to fade the appearance of hyperpigmented skin (brown spots), minimize and soften the appearance of scars, fine lines and wrinkles. It also soothes dry, sunburned and sun-damaged skin. Rosehip oil is considered a “light” oil, and therefore helps to balance excessively oily or dry skin, minimize the appearance of large pores, and purify impure skin prone to pimples. Used on a consistent basis the skin will look smoother, fresher and more supple.

Immortelle Plant



I have always loved the scent and action of immortelle on wounded, bruised and hyper sensitive skin. In French aromatherapy the essential oil is thought to be a remedy for bruised and wounded skin.

Immortelle (Immortelle italicum) grows wild in the Mediterranean, the south of France, and Italy. Our farming comrades grow the immortelle we use in our infusions and hydrosols in a pristine and pastoral microclimate in Washington state.

The plant itself is covered in bright yellow, daisy-like flowers that retain their color and shape, therefore it's also known as 'Everlasting'. Immortelle's botanical name is (Helichrysum italicum), which comes from the Greek word helios (sun) and chyrsos (gold) because the yellow blooms look like tiny golden suns.

Immortelle HydroSoul appears to clear systemic heat in the body and face. It’s an effective hydrosol for skin recovering from acid or dermabrasion treatments.

Consistent use of Immortelle HydroSoul, applied together with our Oil Serums, will help minimize appearance of scars and assist in the visible rejuvenation of the skin. The hydrosol of immortelle offers a much-needed hydration to dehydrated and sensitive skin. It has a unique buttery fragrance with a subtle, spicy warmth and maple syrup-like sweetness. It’s one of my favorite hydrosols.




XO, Evan

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