Regenerative Future

Since 1999 we have worked with women’s cooperatives, villages, and family farms — stewards of the land that celebrate the sacred in the earth and its people. We have always recognized that soil is not only the foundation of our culture and civilization but also of our health. Now we are planting the seeds for a larger community, rooted in ancient tradition, with the determination that together we will play a critical role in fostering a thriving regenerative future.

Organic as a starting point

During the last many decades, the natural products industry sought to manage these values by creating organic standards. Like any effort it had pros and cons. On the one hand it created a standard that farms and brands had to meet; in turn giving consumers a means of assessment. On the other, it narrowly focused on the absence of harmful additives rather than the greater fabric of land stewardship.

Reclaiming the earth’s soil

In the past number of years there has been a move by some leading brands and non-profits to create a new standard. Industry thought leaders have advanced the notion of regenerative agriculture. This view recognizes the fundamentals that have captured not just the spirit of the organic movement but also its founding vision: that soil is the foundation of our culture and civilization.

What does this mean for us?

We will continue working with and supporting the villages, cooperatives, and farms that steward our core ingredients (argan, rosehip, hydrosols). With our hydrosol stewards we are supporting their efforts to secure certification as a regenerative farm. At present we use close to a dozen herbal extracts in our moisturizers and cleansers. These have been produced by a wonderful artisanal farm in Colorado for the past dozen years or more. Though organic they have never been certified due to the cost and the effort required. In this next stage of our journey, we are exploring the option of finding herbs from regenerative certified farms and preparing the extracts ourselves.

Planting seeds

As always, our challenge remains how can we be better. One such effort sees us seeking out more partners that will either supply regenerative raw materials and/or bring us together with a larger community of like-minded organizations, communities, and brands. Rather than doing our own small part via our own individual efforts, we are looking to align ourselves with others with the determination of making a bigger impact together.

Stewards of the earth

Our land stewards define our brand. Our stewards lend credibility to and ultimately confidence in our products. Few brands are engaged with stewards in the manner that we are. This year we will share more information about and deeper insights into the families and communities who steward our core ingredients. In addition, we will reach out to stewards whose work with us have not yet been extensively featured. Among others this will include the families and communities that harvest and distill our frankincense and rose as well as our prickly pear seed oil.

Beyond organic

One such organization, the Regenerative Organic Alliance, has advanced a Regenerative Organic Certification. Described as a new certification for food, fiber, and personal care ingredients that uses the USDA Certified Organic standard as a baseline; upon which other pillars are included in one certification. Credible brands are behind this initiative. In fact, there is an increasing body of research that demonstrates the far-reaching impact of organic on environmental, social, human health, economic and climate goals.

Let's spread the word

All of this is incredibly inspiring. That more and more brands and organizations are engaged in a vision that recognizes all facets in the farm system – from the soil microbiome to the workers, that farmers are the stewards of the land, and that collectively we can impact the world. That more and more aspire to work with those who demonstrate respect and restraint with the environment, that honor relationship over ownership, and that celebrate the sacred in the earth and its people.