Meet our Lead Holistic Estheticians

Meet our Lead Holistic Estheticians

It’s likely you already know that our product line was created by holistic esthetician Evan Healy to treat the various skin imbalances she was witnessing in her practice in the late nineties.

With our roots anchored deeply in the world of holistic esthetics, it’s one of our greatest honors that twenty years later estheticians and spas around the country choose to use evanhealy in their practice.

Today we have three interviews with remarkable humans — Joan Uemura Shure, Courtney Cox, and Shirley Jo Aiken — our three lead evanhealy estheticians. With nearly 60 years of combined experience, these women are changing lives with their therapeutic skin care practices.

We invite you to learn about what inspires these beautiful souls, fuels their practice, and why they choose evanhealy for their clients.

Joan Uemura Shure

Redmond, Washington

“Being in service is what makes life worthwhile. I feel so honored to be able to nurture people and give them time and space for self care.”

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Courtney Cox

San Diego, California

“In this line of work I feel as though I get to be the bridge into a deeper understanding of self. Because skin is such a direct representation of our internal and external world, it is so much more than just our skin care routine.”

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Shirley Jo Aiken

Albuquerque, New Mexico

“It is an honor to touch the face of another person. I love the quiet stillness and meditative quality of what I do. It is profoundly therapeutic for me as it is to my clients.”

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