My name is Diana Villegas, I'm Colombian and due to my roots, I have always felt connected to nature and mother Earth. Feeling her calling... Read more
    Dorothea Johnson evanhealy Holistic Esthetician and demo rep, licensed for 14 years. - Favorite Product My favorite product is the Tea Tree Gel Cleanser and... Read more
    Beauty is your birthright. Welcome to evanhealy cosmetics. A simple, minimalistic collection of color designed to amplify the natural birthright of beauty, to support the... Read more
    Rose. Queen of the flowers. Empress of peace. Aphrodite incarnate. Nothing quite compares to the resplendent aromatic
    A revised collection of nourishing oils and butters to moisturize, soften, and nurture from head to toe All skin deserves love and attention. All skin... Read more
    A limited edition Oil Serum centered around the rare and precious sandalwood seed oil. We are thrilled to introduce you to our newest Oil Serum,... Read more
    We are a holistic skin care line created by esthetician, Evan Healy and designed to work with the rhythms and physiology of the body, and... Read more
    What we are going through now in the wake of the current pandemic is unprecedented in modern history. As modern humans, we don’t have pre-established... Read more
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    If it’s a rhythm of nature, we will ritualize it. Earlier this summer we did a deep dive into the concept, the power, and the... Read more
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    Your skin, and the moon. A definitive guide The moon lives in the lining of your skin Pablo Neruda The moon. Whether it be a... Read more
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    The skin is a diagnostic tool. Have you heard this before? Skin is a map to guide us to better understand the inner-workings of our... Read more
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    Spring Skin The Daily Ritual Spring. The time when the world awakens, shaking the sleepy frost of winter from its wings, and life reinfuses the... Read more
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