Co-op Farms of Provence: Lavender Essential Oil

Co-op Farms of Provence: Lavender Essential Oil

One of our favorite oils that comes to us from the farm co-ops of Provence is Lavender.

Authentic Lavender is a thing of beauty, and a remarkable ally for the skin and psyche. It cools. It calms. It synergizes. It protects. It bestows serenity to body and mind alike. Lavender is incredibly versatile in its myriad applications, and there are few situations when it’s not appropriate.

There is a reason it has reached this position of popularity. Lavender has a rich history of reverence and use through the ages. Its native region sprawls all throughout the Old World, but is especially beloved and celebrated along the Mediterranean, the current hub of the modern Lavender industry.

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It’s considered by many aromatherapists to be a panacea and the most important of all essential oils. Over 1,200 diverse components have been discovered in this potent plant distillate. This incredible range of constituents surely factors into it’s dynamism, while also expressing why Lavender, both chemically and functionally, is always so distinctly ‘Lavender’.

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The fragrance of true lavender is at once, tender and tenacious. It’s deliciously fresh, soft, smooth, herbaceous and honey-sweet. On the skin it is cleansing, exceptionally beautifying and amazingly regenerative. Throughout the ages has been been used on everything from burns, scrapes, cuts and wounds, to plague-prevention, tension, frayed nerves and sleeplessness.

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Seeing it everywhere can sometimes make us forget how special and powerful this plant really is, which is nothing short of a tragedy. Today and everyday, we celebrate lavender for its unparalleled splendor.

We feature our precious Lavender essential oil in:

Rosehip Calming Serum

Lavender Argan Light Moisturizer

Blue Lavender Cleansing Milk

Blue Chamomile Moisturizer

Co-op Farms of Provence - Lavender Essential Oil.

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