Nettle Olive Leaf Cleansing Oil - Purifying Oil Treatment for All Skin

Nettle Olive Leaf Cleansing Oil - Purifying Oil Treatment for All Skin

Nettle Olive Leaf Cleansing Oil (formerly: Nourishing Cleansing Oil) is a deep and thorough, certified organic cleanser formulated to gently purify even the most sensitive, over-processed, and reactive skin.

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Simple, yet carefully selected oils prized for both their amazing cleansing abilities, and their high nutrient content. Nettle Olive Leaf Cleansing Oil is a certified organic blend of avocado, sunflower, castor, jojoba, grape seed, baobab, and olive leaf and nettles infused olive oil. It is formulated to deeply cleanse the skin without disrupting the skin’s protective hydrolipid barrier. This special, simple and silky formula softens congestion, removes makeup and sunscreen, acts as a pre-cleanse for those who like to double-cleanse. It is free of essential oils, leaving it suitable for even the most sensitive, reactive and easily irritated skins.

For years, we received requests for more oil cleansers and more essential oil free options within our line. This formula checks both of those boxes.

The initial journey to Nettle Olive Leaf Cleansing Oil began over two years ago, as a seed in Evan’s mind, knowing she wanted to create an oil for cleansing that would work for all. She slowly began experimenting with bases to see which would provide the slip, lift and silkiness that she wanted, while also being harmonizing for all skin. Once she found the oils, she spent the next year tinkering with ratios until finally the blend was perfect.

And now we are finally and proudly able to present to you — a powerhouse team of synergistic botanicals — Nettle Olive Leaf Cleansing Oil.

The Team

Avocado Seed Oil

Deep, dreamy green and deliciously creamy on the skin, avocado oil nourishes and supports with its abundance of oleic acid (omega 9), vitamin E, and beta carotene. It’s unique phytonutrients beautifully work to soften, while adding a juicy plushness to the skin that is just enchanting.


Castor Oil

castor seed oil plant

This thick, deep-reaching oil is traditional for oil cleansing. Considered to be naturally astringent, it helps to lift gunk and grime from from the skin, leaving it clean, unburdened and refreshed.


Jojoba Seed Oil

A very special desert plant used for centuries by the indigenous people of the southwest, baja, and northern Mexico. Jojoba is one of our favorite, most beloved oils. It is a perfect harmonizer, both for skin and for creating synergy within a formula. Its structure very closely mimics the skin’s sebum, which makes it an ideal choice to use in cleansing.


Sunflower Seed Oil

wild sunflower field

An oil with a wonderful ratio of EFAs for topical skin support, sunflower is one of our favorite oils for cleansing. It has a remarkable ability to lift dirt, muck, makeup, grime, etc from the skin and pores.


Baobab Seed Oil

baobab seed oil

We cannot get enough of this ancient, mythic tree. Rich in essential fatty acids, phytosterols and vitamin E, baobab oil is a dream for compromised and over-processed skin, and we adore the rich creaminess it adds to any formulation.


Nettle Leaf Infused Olive Oil

nettle leaf infused olive oil

The same infusion we use in our Whipped Shea Butter with Olive Leaf, this blend is crafted to gently nourish, protect, and bring deep tranquility to reactive, sensitive, over-processed and over-stripped skin. Ancient, beloved, silky and omega-9 rich olive oil. California grown and certified organic.


Grape Seed Oil

grape seed oil

Last year on our journey to Chile to participate in the harvest of rosehip seed oil, we came in contact with grapeseed oil native to Chile and were instantly hooked. Before experiencing this unrefined chilean grape seed oil, most of what we’d encountered was highly processed, highly refined and frankly unimpressive when it came to its effects on the skin. This chilean grape seed oil completely flipped our judgement — deep green, remarkably silky, and abundant in antioxidants, it was the stuff dreams are made of, and soon became finishing touch of silk for our Nettle Olive Leaf Cleansing Oil.

The Act

Nettle Olive Leaf Cleansing Oil has been formulated to be used alone, as a single oil cleanser, or as a pre-cleanse, for people who like to use the double cleansing method (which we discuss more below, if you are unfamiliar with it).

Proper cleansing is the doorway into the ritual of skin care. It is the initiation into the ritual, and is just as essential as all the steps that may follow. It unburdens the skin from the weight of the day, removing gunk and grime, and it prepares the skin to receive nourishment.

When done properly, cleansing is a ritual that allows you to sink into your body and be present with yourself, if only for 30 seconds of your day. It is a time to connect and enjoy. Beyond the soothing of the nervous system, and the potent refreshment it brings, it’s also a wonderful opportunity to create movement in the skin — movement of lymph, and blood circulation — and a good opportunity to check in with your skin and notice any changes of texture, temperature, or the like.

Cleansing With Oil

Oil Cleansing is an ideal cleansing method for skin that is troubled, extremely dry, sensitive, reactive, acne-prone, and/or congested — or for minimalists who enjoy simple formulations. It is also the single best method for removing makeup and sunscreen, and is the most fortifying and nourishing way to cleanse the skin.

The process of cleansing with oil is centered around the combination of oil, facial massage and a steamy cloth, and is an ancient, simple way to get a magically deep, yet non-invasive cleanse.

Oil Cleansing follows the logic that like dissolves like — oil massage breaks-down dirt, debris, excess sebum, makeup, and sunscreen, and softens congestion in pores like nothing else. The process is a little more involved than other forms of cleansing, but the thoroughness and the deep cleanse that it provides makes it well worth the extra effort. The facial massage enables the oil to get deep within the pores, and the removal with the washcloth not only leaves the skin incredibly receptive to the nourishment and moisture that will follow with your next steps — it’s also remarkably soothing and calming.

A key note — You MUST use a washcloth when oil cleansing. Using a cloth to remove the oil is essential to the process and cannot be skipped. If you don’t use a cloth, you’re not actually cleansing; you’re just rubbing oil on your skin.

Here’s how:

Into dry skin, massage a quarter-sized amount of Nettle Olive Leaf Cleansing Oil — focusing on areas of dryness, congestion, or where makeup and/or sunscreen has been applied. After a thorough oil massage, take a warm damp washcloth and gently lay it across the face, pressing against skin and allowing the heat and warmth to soften, lift and dislodge. Next, take the cloth and gently remove the oil in gentle outward sweeping motion until skin feels perfectly clean, soft, supple and resilient.

Double Cleansing

Double cleansing is a great cleansing technique for people who wear makeup or sunscreen daily, or for people who live in urban areas. It is simply the act of cleansing the skin twice before proceeding with the following steps of the skin care ritual. Why? Because the first cleanse removes dirt, makeup, sunscreen, and environmental grime, but doesn’t quite reach deep into pores and provide thorough cleansing. The second cleanse actually works to cleanse the skin itself.

First CleanseNettle Olive Leaf Cleansing Oil or Neem Immortelle Purifying Infusion.

Second CleanseRose Cleansing Milk, Blue Lavender Cleansing Milk, or Tea Tree Gel Cleanser

Who Benefits?

Everyone benefits from oil cleansing, as it provides the skin with deep yet gentle and non-invasive supportive.

While anyone can use Nettle Olive Leaf Cleansing Oil as their primary cleanser, as their pre-cleanse, as a makeup and sunscreen remover (It was formulated to be a truly ALL SKIN formula), it especially benefits sensitive, dry, combo, troubled, and over-processed skin.

Read our Cleansing blog for a complete about cleansing with oils, gels, milk cleansers & hydrosols.

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