Dedication to Responsible Sourcing

Dedication to Responsible Sourcing

*David Gordon, evanhealy CEO, receiving the award presented by Susan Wattik, Whole Body Global Senior Project Manager, and Maren Giuliano, Whole Body Global Executive Coordinator.

On April 19, 2016, Whole Foods Market awarded us with their Dedication to Responsible Sourcing Award at their annual Vendor Award ceremony in Austin, Texas.

We are honored to be acknowledged by Whole Foods Market for this tremendously important aspect of our business -- creating relationships + community with family farms, women's co-operatives and tribal villages.

Responsible sourcing is central to the ethos of our company — it is our mission to see the resurging movement of farmers, who put people and planet before profit, thrive and prosper. It is through their respect of the Earth’s harmony and complexity that we are able to offer a diversity of nutrients to the skin in the form of our oils, hydrosols, butters and clays.

“Whole Foods Market has revealed the winners of its annual Supplier Awards, the company’s highest honor for producer partners that embody its mission and values. Out of thousands of Whole Foods Market suppliers nationwide, fewer than 70 have received one of these distinguished awards.

(We award) evanhealy, for the company's dedication to creating farm-to-face skin care using ingredients directly sourced from small family farms, women’s cooperatives and tribal villages throughout the world. Each step in the process is done by hand and in small batches — from the fields and forests to the production facility where the blends are formulated. All products also meet Whole Food’s Market Premium Body Care Standards.”

— Whole Foods Market


whole foods responsible sustainable sourcing award evanhealy

whole foods responsible sustainable argan oil sourcing award evanhealy

On Thursday, May 12, 2016, we embarked on another leg of our sourcing journey - this time to the colorful deserts and fragrant villages of Morocco, to visit the beautiful Berber women of the Al Amal Women’s Co-operative.

We worked along side them, hand-crushing argan nuts, and learning about Berber culture. Perhaps most importantly, we initiated an Argan tree reforestation project to ensure the health and vitality of the native argan forests for generations to come.

For latest updates on our travels, make sure to keep an eye on our social media accounts — both Facebook and Instagram.

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Dedication to Responsible Sourcing

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