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    Summer Skin

    Summer Skin

    Summer skin is sometimes a lush, plump, radiant and dewy thing. Summer skin is sometimes a congested, ruddy, thirsty thing. Summer skin is sometimes oil-rich. Summer skin is sometimes sun-kissed. Summer skin is sometimes bone-dry.

    Summer blossoms differently on each person's face, and to honor this diverse profusion of blooms we’ve compiled some key tips that will help bring, balance, peace, and radiance to summer skin in all its forms.

    Hydration. For summer skin, there is nearly never enough, and this is true of all skin conditions, oily, blemish-prone and combination included. Hydrating skin is alwaysimportant, but is especially so during the more extreme seasons of summer and winter.

    Increase your HydroSoul misting. Choose your favorite HydroSoul, or try something new. See what happens when you do twice as much as you normally do, consistently for a week. Serenity, plumpness, and total hydration await you.

    Rose Geranium is a fantastic support to summer skin for many reason, but most especially because it acts as a sebaceous-gland regulator and dermal adaptogen. It is a master at normalizing oil-production which often gets a little wacky during summertime. In short, that means that if your skin is dry, it’s a great choice. If your skin is oily, it’s a great choice. And if your skin is confused, it’s a great choice. No wrong turns here.

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    Lemon Thyme. This gentle, cooling and supportive HydroSoul is a delight to the senses. It is a beautiful plant water for all skin, and has a special affinity for the stressed and blemish-prone skin that may often visit during the warmer times of the year.

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    See it in our shop

    Bodies beg to be moved during summer, beg to be danced, beg to be stretched, beg to swim, beg to stride along shadowed forest trails.

    Movement in skin care is created through regular Clay masking. Summer is an especially important time to be consistent about using a clay mask to keep skin clear, glowing and unburdened. Clay is dynamic, and when activated with a HydroSoul it truly comes to life. On the skin, clay draws impurities, clears stagnation, awakens vitality and nourishes deeply.

    Summer skin revels in a weekly mask of Green Tea Clay - which not only clears congestion but infuses the skin with an abundance of antioxidants bestowed by organic matcha green tea powder.

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    Sea Algae Serum provides skin with a beautiful feast of antioxidants, and italso acts as a fantastic primer for our supreme solar protectant — the Sheer Tint Sun Stick. Containing plant-based Hyaluronic Acid, bio-fermented kelp, and organic aloe vera, it adds a unique additional layer of hydration to your daily skin ritual.

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    Blue Cactus Beautiful Elixir is a delicious summer-skin oil, being both lightweight, but deeply quenching, high in antioxidants, and profoundly cooling and soothing.Its sweet, damp nature is a perfect treatment for all fiery skin issues, which are always exacerbatedby the heat of summer. Always remember to pair any face oil with your favorite HydroSoul for optimal synergy.

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    For moisturizer users, summer is also a wonderful time to switch over to Light Moisture Replenishing Fluid (Evan’s favorite!), which is both lightweight and deeply moisturizing and nutritious. It is a creamy emulsion of our Columbia River Valley copper-distilled Lavender HydroSoul, Amazigh Argan Oil, Kpersi Village shea butter, pomegranate seed oil, tamanu oil, and a whole lot more.

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    Sheer Tint Sun Stick adds a layer of luscious solarprotection, while nourishing and calming all skin. Non-nano zinc oxide works in synergy with our beloved Amazigh Argan Oil, Kpersi Village Shea Butter, andorganic raspberry seed oil to shield your precious countenance from thesun's radiance.

    Stay hydrated with spring water, and cooling, heat-pacifying foods like cucumbers and coconut water. Not only do cucumbers cool and hydrate, they are high in silica, one of the key skin-beautifying minerals. Just make sure you eat the skin to access all the nutrients cucumber has to offer. Additionally, foods rich in nutrients like astaxanthin, lycopene, beta-carotene and other antioxidants can help prevent and care for sun exposure. So in addition to wearing a hat, covering up, staying in the shade during the brightest hours, and layering on our Sun Stick — remember to eat foods like salmon, dark leafy greens, tomatoes, watermelon, and matcha.