Beltane Beauty

Beltane Beauty

Today we are celebrating

Beltane - the ancient Celtic spring festival of beauty and fertility.

Beltane celebrates Mother Earth emerging from the cool darkness of winter and crossing over into a time of fertility and warmth.

With the contemporary western calendar, Beltane is often celebrated on May 1st, and has in many ways been absorbed into the modern holiday of May Day. However, traditionally Beltane would be celebrated on the full moon that occurs in the heart of spring. This year that’s today, April 21st.

To quietly celebrate the zenith of spring and the blossoming of the land, we have created our own take on a classic Beltane ritual.

Traditionally, to invoke the beauty of spring, one must awaken at dawn to collect the morning dew drops from the plants. The dew from blossoms, grasses, and perhaps most traditionally, a hawthorne tree. With that dew, you wash your face.

This year, in place of dew, we will be celebrating with a copious misting of HydroSoul. Any HydroSoul will do, but some of our favorites for this occasion are Rose Geranium, Lavender, Rose Petal, and Floral Trinity.

Rise at dawn and find a place to sit peacefully in the milky morning twilight. Saturate your skin with a soft mist until the HydroSoul condenses on your skin like dew on a petal. Gently press the droplets into your skin with thoughtful and grounding hands.

Since it’s likely Full-Moon Beltane has passed by the time you read this, feel free to try this any time over the next couple weeks. An especially appropriate day would be the modern Beltane - May 1st.

We love discovering ways to celebrate the rhythms of the earth, and hope you enjoy this Beltane Beauty Ritual as much as we do.

Happy Spring!

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