Cosmetics: Skin Prep, Priming, & Removal

Cosmetics: Skin Prep, Priming, & Removal

Cosmetics: Skin Prep, Priming, & Removal

The ritual of cosmetics does not exist only in the moments of application. It also exists in what happens before, and after — within the set up and break down. The complete ritual includes proper preparation and removal.

Today we are sharing our favorite ways to both prep the skin for best makeup application and wear, and remove it all at the end of the day. Let’s get right into it.


Maintaining hydrated and moisturized skin is essential for makeup to appear fresh and natural. When skin is dehydrated it is very easy for makeup to settle into fine lines and can ultimately exaggerate the appearance of the dehydration. Keeping the skin properly hydrated and moisturized will ensure that the skin doesn’t attempt to absorb the make up, and allows the makeup to rest comfortably atop the skin. Proper priming will soften the appearance of pores, fine lines and rough texture, as well as create a strong base for long, beautiful wear. It helps the makeup glide on, and keeps it looking fresh and dewy throughout the day.

Our approach to priming involves two steps. The first is proper hydration & moisturizing, through twice daily application of Oil Serum & HydroSoul. The second is sealing, smoothing, and glazing.

Hydrate, Moisturize, Nourish —

cosmetics skin prep prime removal purifying ritual


-Oil Serum & HydroSoul

The foundation for everything. After cleansing, twice a day, every day. Keeps skin balanced, resilient, supple, hydrated, moisturized and creates a silky base for makeup application.

Seal, Smooth, Glaze —

cosmetics skin prep prime removal seal smooth glaze wild carrot nourishing eye balm


Wild Carrot Immortelle Eye Balm -

buttery, dewy (great for all skin but especially good for Dry, sensitive and mature skin)


cosmetics skin prep prime removal plump hydrate sea algae serum


Sea Algae Serum - plumping, hydrating (great for all skin, especially combination, oily, or mature)

cosmetics skin prep prime removal light moisture replenishing fluid


Lavender Argan Light Moisturizer - lightweight, refreshing


Once skin is hydrated, nourished, and glazed it is ready for makeup application.


Oil Cleansing, especially as the first step of a double cleansing method, is our favorite method to remove makeup and give pores a deep and thorough cleansing. It breaks down makeup, dirt and debris from your day without stripping or disrupting the skin’s hydrolipid barrier. And creates a pure, supple canvas for your skin to receive the nutrients from your skin care.

Our team favorite choice isNourishing Cleansing Oil. But we also love Coconut Cream Cleanser, Neem Immortelle Purifying Infusion, Sweet Blossom Body Oil, Vetiver Hinoki Body Oil, or any of our body oils as alternative oil cleansing options.

The Double Cleansing Method employs two steps of cleansing — the first, Oil Cleansing, to remove dirt, debrish, makeup, sunscreen, etc from the skin, and the second, a traditional cleanser, to deep cleanse the pores.

First Cleanse — Oil Cleanse

Onto dry skin, massage a quarter-sized amount of Nourishing Cleansing Oil — focusing on areas of dryness, congestion, and where makeup has been most densely applied. After a thorough oil massage, take a warm damp washcloth and gently lay it across the face, pressing against skin and allowing the heat and warmth to soften, lift and dislodge. Next, take the cloth and gently remove the oil in gentle outward sweeping motion until skin feels perfectly clean, soft, supple and resilient.

The gentle exfoliation of the cloth during removal keeps the skin fresh and smooth, creating the perfect base for makeup application.


cosmetics skin prep prime removal tea tree gel cleanser

Second Cleanse — Cleanser (optional)

After Oil Cleansing with Nourishing Cleansing Oil or oil of choice, dispense half a pump to a pump of Tea Tree Gel Cleanser, or one of our Cleansing Milks, and massage between palms with a bit of water, creating an emulsion. Massage into skin and rinse with warm water. Then apply the rest of your skin care.


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