Plants Reflect the Land

Plants Reflect the Land

Both of the above bottles are the exact same product, Rosehip (Blue) Calming Serum, blended one year apart from each other. The lighter colored one on the left is last year’s harvest from Chile. The more vibrant one on the right is this year’s harvest from Chile. Same plant, same location, different variables in temperature, weather, and climate.

This shows how dramatically raw ingredients can vary with each passing year. Nature’s bounty is not predictable. Each year brings new influences that can drastically effect growing conditions - a wetter or dryer spring, unusual cold or hot temperatures.

Not only can these factors impact the color of the plant material we work with, it can also effect the scent profile of a plant.

At evanhealy we embrace the rhythms of nature, and find these nuanced yearly variations a marvel to witness, and a joy to partake in. It can be rare to see these variations in the beauty industry. As a culture, our palate has been desensitized and muddled and there’s a general consensus that everything must always look and smell the same.

Though it may be the unpopular position, we strongly stand apart from that view point. We don't do anything in an attempt to homogenize the look and scent of our products. To have this unnatural ‘consistency’ requires refining, stripping or adulterating the fixed oils (rosehip, sea buckthorn, jojoba), or using aromatic isolates in place of whole essential oils. We let these plants be a reflection of the land they come from. We trust that the earth provides us with exactly what our bodies require. And we are unwavering in our commitment to using whole + pure plant material in our therapeutic skin care.

Plants Reflect the Land

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