What happened to my magic evanhealy lip balm?

Whipped Shea Butter for Lips

This spring we found that we were unable to purchase the vanilla oil that we had been using in our lip balm for the past dozen years. In the natural world some ingredients, often without explanation, simply cease to be available. So, we went on a hunt and experimented with several other organically sourced vanillas. This precious oil is sourced from different geographical regions and each imbue the oil with its own distinct qualities.

One wouldn’t think that changing one ingredient would have such a marked effect. Yet it did. As we experimented with the different vanillas, we noticed unexpected results. Some of our in-house experts noticed that the lip balm was less moisturizing, others said it was grainier, yet others were disappointed in the fragrance. Not to mention the noticeable change in color.

All this from changing one ingredient.
How confusing.

After testing various options – with different vanillas at different percentages – we settled on one that our internal team believed to be closest to the original experience. I say ‘experience’ because the formula did not change. Every single ingredient in our original formula remains in the exact percentage – considering the slight adjustment to the percent of vanilla we are using. We reduced the percent of vanilla slightly, not for cost or any other reason, other than to get as close to the original ‘experience’ as we could.

In August we announced this change with the hope that most customers would appreciate the information and that the new-source-vanilla lip balm would be close enough to the original experience to be satisfactory. Yet that has not been the case. Too many of you are disappointed. So, we have gone back to the drawing board, continuing to search for alternative vanillas and engage our product wizards to finesse the lip balm with various new-source vanillas to get back to the original magic.

Nothing pains us more than not being able to deliver the magic you have come to expect. I want you to know that our mission is to find a vanilla that will deliver that magic again. 

In the meantime, if you have a lip balm that does not meet your expectation simply email [email protected] and we will issue a credit within 48 hours (outside of weekends). You don’t have to return it. In fact, feel free to use it. We’d rather you use it and get some satisfaction than discarding it. You deserve to be 100% happy. Use it and enjoy it.

In the meantime, we’d ask for your continued patience as we search out an alternative that will bring us all back to the magic we love.


~ David Gordon

CEO | Co-founder

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