Sanctuary During the Holidays

Sanctuary During the Holidays

Whether you love the holiday season or dread it, for most it is a stressful time. When we are stressed, we tend to fixate on our fears and anxieties, and confusions and misunderstandings can be exacerbated. In our greater society and culture, there is a sense of speeding up and rapid consumption that can create shared stress as well.

With all of this going on, take a moment to ask yourself: How can I prepare my soul for the holidays? What can I do to welcome the holidays with an open mind and open heart? How can I navigate this season with compassion and acceptance?

Bring awareness to your emotions and take time to set an intention for yourself in the coming week. Maybe you feel anxiety around being judged, meeting gift expectations, opening your home to others. Perhaps you are worried about potential conflicts. Maybe you’re nervous about traveling or other Covid fears. Perhaps you are anticipating loneliness. Maybe you feel overjoyed, loved, grateful. Or maybe you’re bubbling over with excitement!

Invite, honor, and accept all feelings.

Our guide to the best gifts of all


Leave room for curiosity and change - let go of expectations. ❅


Do something kind for a stranger. ❅


Do something kind for yourself. ❅


Tip extra! ❅


Welcome all. ❅


Go outside with your family, friends, with yourself - look up at the stars and say thank you! ❅


Volunteer, donate - if you have abundance and can share it with others. ❅


Tell your loved ones you love them - gift them affirmation and belonging. ❅

Sanctuary During the Holidays


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