Meet Steph Cote

Meet Steph Cote


Steph Cote

interview with an evanhealy Holistic Esthetician


How do you find ways to live holistically every day?

My goal is to live each day with intention & grace. Whether it be cooking, working out, taking care of my skin, or having lunch with a friend, I try to be intentional with all of my actions & relationships. I truly believe every thought & action has a frequency, and that frequency is carried out into the universe with it.


 What is your favorite evanhealy product(s)?

I've been guided by my sense of smell all of my life. From orange blossoms in my Grandmother's backyard to the smell of incense during a Mass growing up, smells make up many of my fondest memories. I'm a HUGE fan of frankincense so I'd have to say, the Frankincense HydroSoul & Patchouli Frankincense Rejuvenation Balm are two of my favorites. I'm also a raving fan of the Sanctuary Nectar Balm, Blue Cactus Beauty Balm & anything from our Patchouli collection.


 Why do you choose to use evanhealy in your practice? What led you to evanhealy?

When I was in esthetician school 15 years ago, we were using a very active skincare line. My skin became SO incredibly unhappy & when school finished, I wanted to find the simplest, purest skincare line out there. My skin immediately was soothed & healed by natural oils & water. From day one in my esthetician practice, I've been drawn to the holistic side of skin treatments & I truly believe in the healing power of Mother Nature. Growing up, my Mom always pointed out the subtle beauty in nature. A bird grabbing a twig to make a nest or the simple but complex beauty in a blooming flower. I grew up loving & appreciating all the magic that Mother Nature provides us. Being about to harness that magic to heal my client's skin is a dream come true.

Steph Cote is our newest evanhealy Holistic Esthetician offering virtual skin and makeup consultations.


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