From the soil, through the steam, to your skin

From the soil, through the steam, to your skin

Every summer we gather members of our sales, education and production team to be witnesses and participants in the harvest and distillation of our Certified Organic, artisan-distilled HydroSouls. From all corners of the country —New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Dallas, Austin, Atlanta, Portland, Fairfield, Albuquerque, Cincinnati, Fort Lauderdale, Minneapolis and San Diego — we come together to celebrate and be inspired by the the blossoming revival of the American family farm tradition.

We’re still in a dazed, post-distillation euphoria from our recent trip.

Deeply immersed in the enchanting bioregion of northeastern Washington State, we root our hands and feet in the cool, soft earth, elbow-deep in fragrant Rose Geranium. Here, we get to more intimately know our distillers and the land that bears the plants that become our tools in therapeutic skin care. There is a beautiful bond that’s created when harvesting together. Something indescribable, etheric and wild. Tasting, smelling and getting to know the plants, while taking deep healing breaths and laughing with your friends — there’s nothing quite like it.

This journey to the lush perfumed fields I can’t help but be reminded of the divine cellular connection we have to the plant world, to each other, and to all things.

hydrosol distillation harvest

Distillation is a transformation in many ways. It transforms fresh plant material into subtle, powerful essences - essential oil + hydrosols. Being witness to this ancient alchemy is a transformation of its own. It’s electrifying and humbling to see the simple magic of the elements begin as one thing and end as another.

hydrosol distillation placing plant material from harvest into copper still

On the other side of this healing weekend, we emerge clear, grounded, and ignited. Feeling totally nourished from our time spent with like minded souls, and our nurturing of this profound & inextricable relationship we each have to the Earth.

evanhealy hydrosol distillation team connection to nature

None of this could take place without the vision, dedication and hardwork of Jud and Anne Carleton, pictured here with their family + the evanhealy team.

It’s a supreme blessing and honor to be able to share these magical waters with you.

From the soil, through the steam, to your skin. HydroSoul.

Summer Distillation - From the soil, through the steam, to your skin


Dear Evanhealy, I have been purchasing your products for many years now. At first, I knew little about your company or how the products were made, but just felt this profound beauty and healing that your products gave me. After a while, I started developing a relationship to the plants in your products, taking refuge in them during challenging times and jubilantly exalting them during the joyous times. Through these years as I’ve learned more about your devotion to these plants, the land, and the people whose hands bring them to me, it is just humbling and amazing how the essences of Mother Earth live within your products, and bring me closer to Mother Nature herself. A much younger me wouldn’t have thought that was possible from a “product”. I am so thankful for what you create in the world, and how you honor our world. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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evanhealy replied:
Thank you for the feedback.

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