Chilean Wild Rosehip Seed Oil

Chilean Wild Rosehip Seed Oil

Pure rosehip oil hand harvested in Chile

Tucked into the wilderness at the foothills of the great Andes Mountains in Chile, there is a vast valley region abundant with wild rosehip. There, we work with stewards at over 25 farms and ranches who harvest rosehip seeds from thorny bushes, dry them and cold press into nourishing oil to create one of our most cherished facial serums.

Our pure, rosehip oil is hand harvested in Chile.

Meet Chilean Wild Rosehip Seed Oil evanhealy Chilean Wild Rosehip Seed Oil

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Harvest and production of rosehip seed oil


The rosehip plant grows wild without any human intervention — fed only by fertile soil, watered only by rain, and touched only by wind.

Harvesting rosehip is a highly labor-intensive process requiring several layers of protective gear, gloves and heavy-duty work boots, to protect collectors from rosehip’s treacherous thorns. Collectors remove ripe hips from the scraggly rose plants with small hand-rakes with remarkable precision, so as not to damage them. After harvest, the rosehip seeds continue to plump and ripen.

protective gear, gloves to collect the rosehip

Before drying, the rosehips are thoroughly washed in cool water. They are then dried for 14 hours in a drying “tunnel” that is heated by wood fire at a facility in Chillán. Seeds are then separated from their shells then sent to the pressing facility in Santiago, where they are stored until ready for cold pressing. Our rosehip oil never sits around in a storage warehouse, it is freshly cold pressed each time we place an order.

Our producer is involved in every step of the process: working directly with the collectors, drying and processing the seeds themselves, and finally cold pressing them into oil. Our Chilean Wild Rosehip Seed Oil is certified organic.


We pay 60% more for our direct-sourced rosehip than we would if we chose to purchase from distribution warehouses.


By paying this premium, we ensure our collectors are paid fair wages, and also that we have the freshest oil possible with complete transparency and traceability through every aspect of production.

Rosehip + The Skin


No other singular oil packs so much therapy, rejuvenation and beautification, while having such a universally appealing texture, as our beloved Chilean Rosehip Seed Oil.


Rosehip Benefits

  • Nutrient diverse: Rich in EFAs, antioxidants, trans-retinoic acid, and phytosterols.

  • Lightweight oil penetrates quickly into pores, delivering nourishment right away.

  • Minimizes the appearance of scarred, sun damaged, hyperpigmented and rough textured skin.

  • Restorative and rejuvenating, daily use enhances glow.

  • Beautifying and supportive for all skin — especially acne-prone, scarred and mature.

    evanhealy Oil serum product use

      AM & PM Oil & Water Ritual


      STEP 1

      After cleansing, add 1 to 2 pumps of
      Chilean Wild Rosehip Seed Oil into the palm of your hand.Oil & Water Ritual step 1


      STEP 2

      Add 5 to 7 sprays of a HydroSoul of your choice,
      and combine together between your palms.Oil & Water Ritual step 2


      STEP 3

      Gently press the Serum + HydroSoul into face,
      evenly distributing between cheeks, forehead and chin.Oil & Water Ritual step 3


      STEP 4

      Finish with another misting of HydroSoul.Oil & Water Ritual step 4


      STEP 5

      For drier skin or added protection, apply one of our Face Balms,
      Beauty Balms, Day Moisturizers or Shea Butters on top.Oil & Water Ritual step 5

      “This has become my new staple and makes my skin so dewy and bright!”

      ~ Melly

      “My skin is glowing and feels radiant! Rosehip oil in its purest form. evanhealy brings us nature’s most incredible healing oil. It goes on and hydrates & nourishes while drying to completion & comfort. I put this on in the morning and at night with a HydroSoul and my skin has never looked better!”

      ~ Zoe

      “Absolutely amazing! It seems to erase my pores, has lightened some residual discoloration from old acne marks, and healed scarring I have had since I was a teenager. I have been pairing it with Rose Geranium + Immortelle HydroSouls. Thank you for sourcing this gorgeous oil, I will buy it for the rest of my life!”

      ~ FF

      We love this pure Rosehip Seed Oil so much, we feature it as the foundational element inmanyof our products.


      Rosehip Collection


      In 2018 we journeyed to Chile.
      Learn more about our Rosehip Story.


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