evanhealy Parfumerie

evanhealy Parfumerie

For thousands of years, our human ancestors have adorned themselves with a fragrant aura of plants.

Unceasingly, they searched for the perfect method of extraction,infusion and diffusion - soaking, steaming, crushing, burning. All extensions of earth were delicately coaxed into releasing their intoxicating aromas - woods, flowers,roots and leaves. Sometimes even baked earth.

Fragrance was never thought of frivolous or indulgent, but rather as devotional, unifying and an essential part of daily life. Plant Perfumes were worn for ritual, for pleasure, and for healing. To both make us holy and to remind us that we’re human. To ground us into our bodies, and to make our spirits soar.

Today most fragrance is a far cry from the sacred scents of the past. Instead, modern perfume is toxic slew of clingy chemicals that are openly acknowledged as endocrine disruptors, carcinogens, and more. They disconnect us, dull our senses and poison our bodies. But the old waysare not lost and we can choose to say No to chemical perfumes.

To honor the ancient ritual of Fragrance, we have gathered a small collection of exquisite botanical oils as an offering to you. Chosen to anoint, consecrate, awaken, embrace and adorn your sacred selves - these perfumes are perfumes for plant lovers. Perfumes for minimalists. Perfumes for purists. Simple, ancient and uncompromising. An honoring of our earth and of our ancestors. Single-note essential oils to wear alone or to interweave into an aromatic tapestry.

This family of plant fragrance is a wardrobe to layer, intuitive and infallible.

Alone, they are self-realized, standing strong, rich and complete. Each radiates their intrinsic identity, and weaves together with your own. Alone, you come to know your chosen plant intimately - its personality, its peaks and valleys, its sweetness and its darkness. You become a witness to its evolution on the skin, and how it blossoms hour to hour.

Worn layered they reach an even higher heaven. Together they sing. Harmony, melody,and even something more - something mysterious, beautiful and unknowable.

By offering single-note botanical aromatics we are encouraging you to draw out your inner alchemist. To listen to your intuition, to your body and to layer - or not - as feels right and true to you.

Botanical fragrance is a mighty force, and if you let it, it can help to awaken your deepest primordial power and elevate you to your highest self. Let these plants be worn as an offering — to the gods, to ourselves, to each other.

Each ‘perfume’ is an oil we useintoour products. Hawaiian Sandalwood in Rosehip Treatment Serum Rose, Blue Cactus Beauty Elixir and Argan Intensive Facial Serum. Rose Otto in Rosehip Treatment Serum Rose. Vetiver in Rose Vetiver Day Moisturizer. Patchouli in Whipped Patchouli Vanilla Shea Butter. Jasmine in Argan Intensive Facial Serum.

Whichever plants you choose (or perhaps it’s whichever plants choose you), know that royalty, alchemists, devotees and wise women have adorned themselves with these sacred scents for millennia.

• A dark, warm and complex floral nectar — utterly hypnotic

• Organic Jasmine Absolute in organic Arizona-grown jojoba oil

This is not your grandmothers soapy, soft and powdered Jasmine. Nor is it the hexane-extracted Jasmine absolute of modern aromatherapy, always with that subtle toxic chemical tinge.

Instead, this certified organic Jasmine extract captures the true essence of jasmine on thevine. It is a deep, dark feminine floral. It is the New Moon, rather than the Full Moon.Its sweet, honeyedpetalnote is anchored in itself, a slow thick nectar. Dawn-blooming, this Jasmine Grandiflorum bears thepromised-warmth of the emerging sun and the sultry succulent mystery of night. Absolutely intoxicating.

• Sacred woods with warm and creamy notes of smoke

• Organic Hawaiian Sandalwood in organic Arizona-grown jojoba oil

Har har naam seetal jal dhiyavahu har chandan vaas sugandh gandhayeeyaaMeditate on the cool water of the God's Name. Perfume yourself with the fragrant scent of God, the sandalwood tree(Sri Guru Granth Sahib - 833).

Is there any plant more revered and sanctified than Sandalwood? Each culture that has come in contact with this sweet wood has deemed it one of the holiest of holies.

Sandalwood awakens the soul and nourishes the spirit. Its mesmerizing scent of creamy caramelized woods - and its profound ability to unify, ground and elevate has captivated humans for thousands of years. It seems to summon, or perhaps simply awaken us to, Divine Presence. From birth and burial rituals, to the building of temples and the carving of deity statues, Sandalwood is known to thin the veils between this world and the next.

Sandalwood unifies body,
mind and soul and diffuses the aromatic aura of Divinity.

• Cool wet roots with a shadow of smoke

• Organic Sri Lankan Vetiver essential oil, undiluted

This olive-amber colored oil is earthy and deep, smoky and tenacious with hints of rose and warm spice. In its essence, it is the scent of ancient, precious woods: subtle and quieting, cooling, relaxing, expansive and grounding. Indian poets referred to vetiver scent as “the smell of the first monsoon shower on parched soil” and “the perfume of a rejuvenated earth."

The tiny rootlets of the vetiver plant work to solidify the soil in areas of tumult and erosion. Vetiver stabilizes earth and heart. Let it be your anchor. Anchor the senses, anchor the mind.

• A sparkling and luminous true rose otto, with
delicate notes of citrus and ripe pear

• Organic Bulgarian Rose Otto in organic Arizona-grown jojoba oil

How did the rose ever open its heart and give this world all its beauty? ~ Hafiz

Come out here where the roses have opened. Let soul andworld meet.~ Rumi

Rose Otto, queen of the flowers. Empress of peace. Aphrodite incarnate. Nothing quite compares to the resplendent aromatic presence of this fabled floral. It shimmers across the skin, bestowing an unfurling and blossoming beauty to all those lucky enough to be graced by its radiance.

This bright, dewy flower opens hearts, softens hardness and melts away chips on shoulders. Itincites courageous vulnerability.

Bliss welcomes you. Love becomes you.

• Rich and deep velvet earth, with notes of dark chocolate

• Indian Patchouli essential oil, undiluted

Patchouli unearths primal essence — grounding, softening and unveiling. It reminds you of what it is to be human. With its honey-musk aroma and delicious warmth, patchouli begs to be melted into skin, for it is here that is truly blossoms.

This divine Indian Patchouli embodies all the things a good patchouli should be - earthy, tenacious, warm, and rich with a hint of dark chocolate and a whisper of moss.

Layers sublimely with florals.

Evanhealy Parfumerie

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