Waters of the Earth: Winter HydroSouls

waters of the earth collection

Winter HydroSoul Collection

The Waters of the Earth - Winter Collection is a fragrant and seasonal bouquet of aromatic and transformative plant waters, chosen for their remarkable ability to hydrate, tone, beautify, and balance all skin types. These ancient beauty allies align the skin with its highest harmony, and support clarity, suppleness, radiance and adaptability.

D O U G L A S   F I R

Water of the Forest.

Meditative and awakening, Douglas Fir grounds and centers the spirit, while enlivening, soothing and purifying sensitive, devitalized and congested skin.


Water of the Gods.

Once worth more than its weight in gold, Frankincense was the single most important plant in the ancient world. The resinous water, made from the dried sap of this desert tree, softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, pacifies heat, and keeps skin peaceful, dewy and supple.

B L O O D   O R A N G E

Water of the Sun.

Juicy and radiant, Blood Orange tones and illuminates all skin, especially combination and oily. It uplifts the spirit and brings light into the dark heart of winter.

A Little More….

Douglas Fir HydroSoulDouglas Fir HydroSoul

This ancient tree carries the whole history and mystery of Mother Nature. Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii), is a species indigenous to western North America. It grows easily, straight and tall and its roots anchor it to the earth as its branches reach towards the heavens. It moves stagnancy, nourishes, strengthens, and tones. Its sweetness is reminiscent of lemons and butterscotch, but it is, at the same time, resinous and earthy.

These fragrant evergreens bring balance to mind, body and spirit. They act as a balm of nature, a moment of stillness and peace, bringing the harmony and adaptability of the forest into our lives. We love Douglas Fir HydroSoul for all skin. It is purifying and protective and helps minimize the appearance of hyper-pigmentation.


Frankincense HydroSoulFrankincense HydroSoul

Frankincense HydroSoul -- A quenching drench of resinous hydration to soften, refine and protect. It is purifying, and fortifying for all skin and spirits. Distilled from the dried sap tears of the desert tree Boswellia Carterii, Frankincense is a powerful skin ally.  Frankincense has an amazing ability to deeply beautify, hydrate, and rejuvenate the skin. This sacred water is a must in every collection but we find it especially magical during winter. 

Our frankincense resin comes to us from the hills of Northern Somalia (Somaliland), and the resin is distilled in copper alembic stills in the US.


Blood Orange HydroSoulBlood Orange HydroSoul

Juicy and sweet, our Blood Orange HydroSoul is like the last breath of summer, here to carry you through the cold season by bringing light and cheer to your day. Blood Orange HydroSoul is like the warm sun on skin - joyful, sparkling, luminous. It leaves the skin soft and smooth, bestowing a gentle glow, as if sunlit from within. The scent is harmonious, radiant, slightly tangy and incredibly uplifting. Often considered a tonic for oily and congested skin, we find luscious Blood Orange HydroSoul to be hydrating and balancing to all skin conditions. 

Blood orange, a sweet orange, contains no furanocoumarins. As a result it is not photosensitizing. Restores pH balance, relaxes facial muscles, maintains soft and smooth skin and significantly increases hydration.

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Please enjoy the following step-by-step tutorial guiding you through different ways to use HydroSouls and seasonal skin care products in these winter months.

Feel free to follow along with the evanhealy products you may have on hand.

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