An Interview with Alexis Smart

An Interview with Alexis Smart

An Interview with Alexis Smart: The role of flower remedies in wholeness and beauty, and working with evanhealy

At evanhealy, we are huge fans of Alexis Smart’s work and deep, intuitive wisdom. Since 2012 we have been using her artful custom formulas in our Rose, Blue and Blemish lines to help support the emotional constitutional archetypes that tend to be associated with each skin imbalance. Today we want to introduce you to this incredible woman, the important work she does, and let her tell you a little bit about flower essences and our collaboration.

Tell us a little bit about the collaboration:

I was a big fan of Evan Healy long before we worked together. I loved her skin care. It wasn’t just the glow it gave to my skin and the high quality of her ingredients. It was the depth of her knowledge and her clear understanding that our skin is a reflection of our whole being. I was thrilled when Evan and I met and discussed this brilliant idea…adding the deep emotional healing of my flower remedies to what I think is the highest quality skin care out there.


Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’ve been a flower remedy practitioner since 2004. After years of making custom flower remedies for my clients, I decided to share them with the world and I created my line, Alexis Smart Flower Remedies. I am now a practicing homeopath as well. I spend my summers on an island in Greece, doing postgraduate homeopathy studies with the master, George Vithoulkas. Greece is one of my “heart” homes. I study all day, swim in the sea, cook and spend a lot of time alone, walking in the olive groves and dreaming up my flower remedies. I spend the rest of my time between Los Angeles and Joshua Tree, seeing clients and running my company.

alexis smart in the field harvesting

Alexis Smart weeding and harvesting with the evanhealy team, July 2014, Fruitland, WA

What are flower remedies? Can you tell us a bit about the history?

Flower remedies were invented in the 1930’s by a British physician and pioneer in bacteriology, Dr. Edward Bach. He believed that emotional stress was the cause of illness and he wanted to find a safe and effective healing system to treat the soul and the spirit. He looked to the flowers and trees of nature, as he knew they held the key. He discovered that he could harness the healing energy of flowers by creating liquid tinctures from the blossoms. He tried them on his patients and saw wonderful effects, bringing back hope to the depressed and giving courage to the anxious. He observed huge improvements in his patients’ physical illness, once their mood improved. He believed his flower remedies would be the medicine of the future, empowering the individual to heal himself.


How are they made?

The remedies are made from the wildflowers of the English countryside. Made on site in their natural growing habitat, the best and brightest flowers are picked and floated in a crystal bowl filled with water from a clear stream nearby. When the flowers have stood in full sunlight for several hours, the water is imprinted with the power of the plant. This is the flower essence.


Flower remedies are quite different from other forms of medicine, even natural treatments. Can you explain the difference?

They are different from other modalities, in that they are only used for the emotions and never for the physical complaints. Flower remedies are considered “vibrational” medicine, as they are very dilute and work on the subtle, bioenergetic field. Rather than suppressing negative emotions or symptoms (as we are accustomed to in conventional medicine), the remedies work by stimulating in us the positive feelings we need to overcome a negative emotional state.


How can flower remedies work for the skin, if they are only used for emotional conditions?

The theory behind flower remedies is that when the emotions are balanced, the body’s innate, self-healing mechanism has a chance to work, uninhibited by the drain of energy from emotional stress. So often, we can see the effect of long term emotional stress in the body, with headaches, back pain, stomach ulcers etc.

The skin also reflects the emotional state. It is the largest organ in the body and is constantly adapting to environmental stress and purging toxins. It is also connected to the nervous system. Almost all of us have experienced a breakout that comes with emotional stress and fatigue; the hives we may get from suppressed anger. We have seen the red flush of self-consciousness and the sallow complexion in one who is depressed.

By delivering the flower remedy healing through your daily skin care routine, you will be fortifying the spirit, which will show in a serene and gentle expression and a glow that comes from within.

Can you take us through the process of creating the flower remedies you made for Evan?

I created four formulas for Evan’s skincare. They each address an underlying emotional picture connected to the skin. We may need different ones at different times.


The Archetypes


The flower remedy formula for the Rose line is all about balance and intuition. Skin that changes between dry, oily and normal indicates uncertainty and a need for a stabilizing influence. This flower formula connects you to your intuition and protects you from inner and outer influences of change (hormonal or environmental). As your inner knowing increases, so does the wisdom of the skin, as it finds balance. Rejuvenating tree essences restore strength, as Crab Apple flower essence cleanses and beautifies.

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Those who resonate with the Blue line are sensitive, empathic and need extra protection, as does their skin. The flower remedy for the Blue line is calming, giving courage to those who feel vulnerable. It lessens reactivity to emotional and environmental stimuli, calming the nervous system and relaxing the skin.

Tree essences strengthen the skin’s protective barrier, as beautifying Crab Apple cleanses toxins and reduces redness.

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Blue Lavender Cleansing Milk & Blue Chamomile Day Moisturizer


The flower remedy for the Blemish Yellow line is one that imparts the strongest feelings of self-love and self-acceptance. When we have breakouts, we can feel ashamed and unclean, which only further exacerbates the stress the skin is under, leading to more skin problems. This remedy builds confidence and removes shame, allowing the real you to shine. Cleansing flower essences are added to remove toxins and to help in processing difficult emotions, while balancing flower essences lend stability in times of hormonal change.

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To learn more about Alexis Smart visit her website, and follow her on Instagram.

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