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    Everything you need to know about Oils & Oil Serums

    Everything you need to know about Oils & Oil Serums

    What is an Oil Serum

    Our Serums are made up of whole plant oils sourced directly from small family farms, women’s co-operatives and co-operative villages around the world. Our approach is a fusion of modalities centered around the goal of realigning skin with its highest potential and awakening its innate resilience. We are inspired by ancient beauty practices, nature and its cycles, ayurveda, homeopathy and traditional western herbalism. Oil Serums enliven, rejuvenate, repair, plump, soften, nourish and balance all skin.

    Why use an Oil Serum


    B U I L D S

    Supports and re-establishes the skin’s hydrolipid barrier.

    F E E D S

    Ideal delivery system for fat-soluble and water-soluble phytonutrients and antioxidants.

    R E E D U C A T E S

    By re-establishing the hydrolipid barrier, skin is better able to self-regulate, self-protect, detoxify and adapt.

    E M P O W E R S

    Skin becomes more resilient, luminous, balanced, and ‘normal.’

    B E A U T I F I E S

    Healthy skin that is properly hydrated, moisturized and nourished is beautiful.


    These concentrated vials of restorative plants penetrate deeply into your skin, delivering significant amounts of essential fatty acids, antioxidants, carotenes, tocopherols and phytosterols – all important elements in cultivating and maintaining a healthy, vibrant complexion.

    How to Get Started Using a Face Oil Serum

    Daily Oil Serum Application.

    Your Oil & Water Ritual for AM & PM.

    Daily Oil Serum Application Steps

    You can always choose an Oil Serum simply because you are drawn to its scent, your skin or spirit calls for a particular plant, or because you enjoy the way it pairs with your favorite HydroSoul. Unless you have an allergy or a scent-aversion, there is no wrong choice when selecting an Oil Serum. To see results over a long period, we recommend sticking with 1 or 2 Serums that support your current skin condition.


    Our Serums draw on a number of different plant oils and oil infusions. Some of the core plant oils we draw upon are:

    Rosehip, Argan, Jojoba and Sea buckthorn plants

    R O S E H I P S E E D

    For centuries, Rosehip has been used to care for skin that is damaged, scarred, burned, flakey and irritated. It is especially revered for its ability to beautify skin that is scarred or hyperpigmented. Rich in omega 3 & 6, trans-retinoic acid (vitamin a), carotene and lycopene, it restores, rejuvenates, and illuminates like no other singular oil. Our extraordinary rosehip seed oil comes exclusively from Chile, where it is wild harvested by hand, certified organic, and cold-pressed fresh to order.


    A R G A N

    A divine ingredient for supporting radiant, dewy, healthy and strong skin. It is a dream for dry, oily, combo, blemish-prone, mature, sensitive. An exceptional moisturizer, it minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, plumps, softens, smoothes, calms and nourishes. Our Certified Organic Argan Oil comes to us exclusively from Al-Amal Women’s Cooperative in Morocco. There, it is harvested and pressed into oil by hand.

    Vitamin E -smoothes, softens, tones and beautifies.

    Sterols -supports protective barrier and encourage healthy elasticity.

    Squalene -deeply softens & moisturizes.

    Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) -hydrates skin & is supports natural barrier function.


    J O J O B A

    Jojoba oil is created from the seeds of a humble desert bush and is technically not an oil but a liquid wax ester. Our certified organic Jojoba comes from a small, family-run farm in Arizona, its native territory, and is ideal for nourishing and balancing all skin conditions. Used for thousands of years by the indigenous people of the American Southwest and Northern Mexico to nourish and protect parched skin, its fatty-acid profile resembles human sebum more closely than any other plant oil.


    S E A B U C K T H O R N

    No other oil has such a tremendous diversity of nutrients in such striking amounts. Abundant in Vitamins A, B, C, D, K, Omega 3, 6, 7, 9 — Sea Buckthorn rejuvenates, pacifies heat, nourishes deeply, and minimizes the appearance of sun damage and hyperpigmentation.

    Oil Serum apply on faceHow to Use Other Products with an Oil Serum


    Nutrient-rich, lightweight, and incredibly powerful Oil Serums are a core player in our formula for healthy skin. When paired with a HydroSoul and applied twice daily, skin becomes balanced, properly hydrated and moisturized.


    Oil Serum & HydroSoul

    Your Daily Oil & Water Ritual


    Oil Cleansing with an Oil Serum

    Neem Immortelle


    Oil Serum in a Clay Mask

    Argan, Neem Immortelle, Rosehip Rose/Blue or Chilean Rosehip.


    Spot Treatment for Blemishes

    Blemish Purifying Serum, Neem Immortelle


    Follow Oil Serum application with Face Balm, Shea Butter or Day Moisturizer for extra dry skin.

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