Spring cleaning from the inside out

Shirley Jo

After a long winter season of feeling a bit disconnected from my body and my heart, I have been making some changes…they are minor in the grand scheme of things, but they are making a tremendous difference for me. I wanted to share them in hopes of inspiring others to make their own changes. 

First, I decided to give my body a break from processed foods of any kind, including meat, white flour, alcohol, coffee, dairy, and white sugar. By eliminating these items  translates to more vibrant, life-giving foods in their place. More whole grains, clean, proteins, healthy fats and sugars, fruits, and vegetables. I’m doing this as simply as possible, and thankfully there are so many resources out there now that make transitioning to a super clean diet much easier. Can I just tell you what  a HUGE difference this has made in my overall feeling of wellness? Just a week into this change, it feels like my body is being spoken to in a language that it fully understands. My body literally feels like it is  beaming with joy from the inside out!!

I am realizing that FOOD has its own kind of language. Everything we feed our body speaks to it, but the problem is that so often we feed our body things it just doesn’t understand! When we feed our body the time-honored food that it can fluently respond to on a cellular level, it responds with joy and gratitude. You know how you feel after connecting with a person that fully “gets” you? It’s like that.


I have also been incorporating yoga back into my life in a regular way. I am a busy mom, so I keep it simple: My yoga studio is my living room. When I have a quiet moment, I put on soothing music I love and maybe light a candle. I pray. My main objective is to listen to my body and then follow its lead. Some days the session is more vigorous and lasts for 45 minutes while other days I gently rock in “happy baby” for a few moments. Sometimes a face mask will make its way into these sessions, which are often not longer than it takes the clay to dry. 

My point is that I am truly meeting myself where I am every day, and I am encouraging myself with small, but impactful loving actions. At its essence, self care and making healthy choices are acts of love for ourselves–and love heals! I share this because I want us all to remember that it is totally natural to fall off course–to get stressed and caught up in work and serving others. We may have gotten so off course that we feel it is impossible to come back into balance, or maybe we don’t even know where to start. This is just not true. Most of the changes that will benefit us most are possible and not nearly as complicated as we might think, even on the strictest budget of time and finances. I feel so much better already after making these shifts, and I want to share the love. Whatever changes you feel led to make, I hope that you will deeply listen to your body and find joy in the journey.   

With Love,

Shirley Jo,
evanhealy holistic esthetician  


What a refreshing and inspirational message to remind me of how sacred and marvelous our spiritual housed bodies are! I appreciated the simple acts and back to nature respect we can honor and attend to our Selves just by being mindful to the love that is already present within our time consumed obligations. Thank you for awakening the awareness. 💜


Thank you for sharing your inspirational story. It really demonstrates how making small changes in our lives can be so impactful to our health and well being.


Beautifully articulated and such a good reminder to all. Thank you for sharing this.


I loved hearing your insights about making simple yet profound changes! Getting up from my desk right now to make a green smoothie. I’d been putting it off :)


I absolutely loved this and I love Evan Healy’s products, thank you💕💕


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