Who we are, why we do what we do, and what makes us different.
A definitive guide to HydroSouls. Here we discuss the process of creating hydrosols, their history, their vast benefits, and why they are one of the most transformative and important plant ingredients for skin. A must read.
Our argan oil is sourced exclusively from the magical hands of the women of the Al Amal Co-operative. This is the story of the time we spent with them in Morocco, of the vast spectrum of qualities of argan oil, and reflection upon the argan oil industry in general.
One of our most special HydroSouls, with one of the most labor intensive distillations. This is the story of Douglas Fir.
The story of our shea butter, traditionally hand made by the women of the Kpersi Village, and the time we spent with the village in northern Ghana.
A reflection on our experiences in the fields, harvesting the aromatic plants that are distilled to make our miraculous HydroSouls.
In her book Farmacology, Dr. Daphne Miller explores how the health of the earth’s soil has a direct correlation to human health. In her research she interviewed Evan, and made a fascinating connection about the skin’s relationship with the earth’s soil. Read about her time spent with Evan in the excerpt.
The story of one of our most important ingredients — rosehip seed oil. And our journey into the Chilean wilderness to witness the process of wild-harvesting this miraculous rose fruit. It also goes into the myriad benefits of rosehip on the skin, and the quality you should look for when shopping for rosehip seed oil.
Evan's reflection on HydroSouls.
The Moon's Role in Holistic Skin Care. Lunar skin care is a simple yet transformative practice in which the phases of the moon are utilized to enhance the therapeutic benefits of skin care.
Our vision, and the products that stem from it, is the creation of holistic esthetician, Evan Healy. Evan's philosophies now extend to our passionate team of certified holistic estheticians, inspired and mentored by Evan. We offer a range of esthetics programs and protocols, and invite you to learn what inspires us and these beautiful souls.