Handcrafted Certified Organic Skin Care

Handcrafted Certified Organic Skin Care

You may have noticed the USDA certified organic symbol on the box of many evanhealy products. We’re proud of this designation because it stands for something important. Specifically, that these products have been certified organic by a credible third party. In our case, most certification is handled by Oregon Tilth – a leading certifier of organic in the country. In addition, the organic seal prohibits the use of GMOs, antibiotics, herbicides, toxic chemicals and more.

What Does it Mean to be Certified Organic?

Organic certification requires that we document our processes and are inspected every year. Organic on-site inspections cover every aspect of our manufacturing from the particular sources of our plants, including the soil conditions of our farm partners, to the water systems, contamination and record-keeping at our facility in Carlsbad, California. In fact, tracing every single ingredient that goes into our products from start to finish is integral to our organic promise.

Other products may use some, or even many, certified organic ingredients but those brands do not go through the rigorous demands of the process described here. Using certified organic ingredients in beauty products is quite different than being the maker of products that are themselves certified. It’s a completely different standard. And that is why those brands cannot use the USDA certified organic logo on their products as we do. In fact, because of the credibility of the USDA certification, some brands in the absence of true organic product certification create their own ‘organic-looking’ logos as a marketing tool.

fresh wild organic lavender flower field harvest for facial tonic hydrosol hydrosoul

evanhealy Certified Organic Ingredients

We rely on certified organic and wild-crafted plants, mineral-rich clays, and sustainable harvesting practices to create each one of our products. All of our oil serums and hydrosols are certified organic by Oregon Tilth, the foremost certifying body in the USA.

Each step of our production is done by hand. From the fields and forests where the plants that become our hydrosols, oils, and butters are harvested. To our production facility where we hand-blend our formulas and hand-package each bottle. Maintaining this intimate connection with plants elevates the efficacy and therapeutic benefits they provide. It keeps the profound prana of the plant alive and well, so that by the time the bottle is in your hand, it’s still bursting with vitality. A vitality you can smell, feel and see on the skin.

chilean wild rosehip seed harvest by hand for oils and serums

Truth seekers should look for: The USDA certified organic symbol on the front of product packaging. Some companies create their own ‘organic’ logos that look similar to the USDA organic symbol, when in fact such products only contain a portion of organic ingredients.

Truth Heals: Organically grown plants are significantly higher in antioxidants and secondary metabolites. Secondary metabolites are compounds in plants, like essential oils, that are created for protection, adaptability, and enhanced survival. Both antioxidants and secondary metabolites play key roles in maintaining healthy luminous skin.

Beyond Purity

Since 1999, we have been guided by the principles of Evan’s holistic approach to skin care. Her years of experience as an esthetician, her profound connection with nature, and her knowledge of the healing vitality of plants are the inspiration behind our therapy-focused formulations. We view ‘clean’ as the starting point. The absence of toxins alone does not translate to therapy, healing nor vitality.

At evanhealy: No preservatives. No GMOs. No parabens. No artificial fragrances. No sulfates. No silicone. Not tested on animals. Vegan, with the exception of our Whipped Shea Butter for Lips, Blue Cactus Cooling Balm, Rose Vetiver Harmonizing Balm, Patchouli Frankincense Rejuvenation Balm, Wild Carrot Immortelle Eye Balm, our Glow Balms, Color Balms, and Brow Pomades which contain beeswax. All products are gluten-free with the exception of Lavender Argan Light Moisturizer.

ghana kpersi village womens cooperative organic wild whipped shea butter

For two decades we have partnered with small organic family farms, women’s co-operatives and tribal villages worldwide. Hydrosols from family farms in northeast Washington State. Rosehip hand-harvested from the wilderness of Chile. Shea butter is traditionally hand-processed from the women of the Kperisi Village in Ghana. Hand-pressed argan oil from the Al Amal Women’s Co-operative in southern Morocco. Essential oils from a European farm co-operative.

Forty-three of our products are certified organic by Oregon Tilth, the leading certifying body in North America.

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