A Holistic Approach to Oily & Combination Skin

Balanced skin can get away with a lot, and when our skin is in a state of peace, we have a fun opportunity to play around with different plant ingredients and different forms of nourishment to see both how radiant our skin can become, and what plants it responds to best.

When someone has balanced skin instead of focusing on pacifying a symptom, their goal can become to enhance glow, luminescence, and suppleness, improve texture and tone, while preventing oxidative damage. All of this can be done through feeding the skin deep nourishment, supporting its protective hydrolipid barrier, keeping the lymph happy and flowing, using sunscreen, and living a lifestyle that minimizes stress, and amplifies physical, emotional, and spiritual nourishment.

Caring for Oily & Combination Skin

As always, our foundational products for all skin are a gentle Cleanser, an Oil Serum, a HydroSoul, and a weekly Clay Mask. For daily care morning and night, after cleansing apply an Oil Serum and a HydroSoul to act as your antioxidant boost, toner and moisturizer. This combo hydrates, nourishes and supports barrier function and is the most important thing you can do for your skin. Once a week give yourself a clay mask to exfoliate, refine, renew, revitalize and mineralize.

Since having skin that is already balanced means you’re not targeting treatment for a specific symptom, you can instead focus solely on prevention, while enhancing luminescence, suppleness and health.

Biodiversity is just as important for the ecosystem of the body as it is for the ecosystem of our planet, and nourishing your balanced skin is a wonderful opportunity to embrace this. Cycle in different oil serums to diversify the essential fatty acids and nutrients your skin is taking in. Choose Rosehip Balancing Serum (Rose) or Rosehip Calming Serum (Blue) for simple, light-weight care. Choose Argan Intensive Serum for silky moisture. Choose Sanctuary Nectar Serum or Pomegranate Vitality Serum for a powerful plethora of essential fatty acids and nutrients. Choose Rose Trinity Beauty Elixir for beautification, suppleness & luminescence. Choose Blue Cactus Beauty Elixir for refreshing and calming antioxidant support.

Cycle in new HydroSoul based on what calls to you in the moment. Feeling a little stressed? Lavender HydroSoul. Wanting some extra softness and deeper hydration? Rose Petal HydroSoul. Needing to feel like you’re walking through a summer garden every time you perform your skin ritual? Heart of Summer HydroSoul. All of our HydroSouls hydrate, plump, and balance the skin’s pH, so there’s no wrong choice.

The same cycling option applies for your weekly clay mask as well. Wanting a mask that refines the appearance of lines and pores to use in place of an exfoliating acid treatment? French Rose Clay. Wanting something a little more deep, purifying and antioxidant-rich? Green Tea Clay.

Our Favorite Products for Oily & Combination Skin