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    Abundance Facial Serum

    Abundance Facial Serum

    Our most precious oils, united together in a resplendent botanical feast.

    Abundance is a limited edition Oil Serum exclusively available as Tier Two and Tier Three gift with purchase during our 2019 Black Friday - Cyber Monday seasonal special. All orders $150+ will receive a free .5oz Abundance Facial Serum, a $47.95 value.

    Introducing a very special, limited edition, luxury Oil Serum — Abundance.

    Available only as a gift with purchase during our Black Friday special.

    A feast of antioxidants.

    A feast of fatty acids.

    A feast of fat-soluble nutrients.

    Abundance is a true feast for the skin. Rosehip. Argan. Pomegranate. Prickly Pear. Sea Buckthorn. Calendula infused Olive. Vanilla infused Jojoba. Our most precious oils, united together in a resplendent botanical feast.

    The magic of Abundance is not just the numerous benefits of the unique oils layer upon layer, but the divine union that happens when they are joined together. The metamorphosis of ‘many’ into one.

    When many become one the shared power is elevated and amplified. Richer, stronger, and more complex. Instead of gathered pieces clustered together, what is created is a unified, singular force — made more powerful and more potent from the synergy of union.

    This is true of our new,very limited, very special luxury oil serum, Abundance.

    Abundance is a decadent and silky cocoon of powerful and diverse nourishment that feeds, moisturizes, brightens and softens all skin. It’s an intense infusion of nature’s most potent, nutrient-dense, beautifying botanicals, and leaves the skin perfectly moisturized, vitalized, and luminous.

    We like to think of it as a topical multi-omega, multi-vitamin, multi-nutrient for skin.

    Here’s what’s inside, and the dominant nutrients in each oil:


    Omega 3 & 6, trans-retinoic acid (vitamin a), carotene, lycopene


    Omega 9, tocopherols (vitamin e), squalene, phytosterols


    Omega 5, punicic acid, ellagic acid

    Prickly Pear

    Omega 6, tocopherols (vitamin e), phytosterols, polyphenols, vitamin k

    Sea Buckthorn

    190 bioactive nutrients including Omega 7 and carotenoids

    Calendula infused Olive Oil

    Omega 9, carotenoids, tocopherols (vitamin e)

    Vanilla Infused Jojoba Oil

    fatty acids, vitamin e, phenolic compounds

    These oils are the same oils that are found in our beloved collection of Serums. The rosehip oil that’s in our Rosehip Treatment Serums. The Argan from our Argan Intensive Serum. Pomegranate from our Pomegranate Repair Serum. Prickly Pear from our Blue Cactus Elixir and Balm. Calendula-infused olive oil and vanilla-infused jojoba oil from our Whipped Shea Butters. Sea Buckthorn berry from our Pomegranate Repair Serum and moisturizers.

    We’ve kept Abundance simple and focused, centering on the nourishing power of lipids and lipid-based nutrients, while keeping the formula ultra-soothing, comforting, and suitable for even the most sensitive skin. There are no essential oils in Abundance, but there is a subtle sweetness — which comes from the sea buckthorn berries and vanilla bean infused jojoba oil.

    Who is this oil for?

    Anyone can use, be nourished by, and greatly benefit from regular use of Abundance. It especially suitable and transformative for skin that is...

    Dull & devitalized

    Over-processed, over-exfoliated, stripped and compromised


    Mature & aging

    In this stark and quiet time of year, we hope that you enjoy the beauty and power of Abundance. May it brighten your days.

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