Supporting the Skin’s Protective Barrier

Supporting the Skin’s Protective Barrier

Skin is a rich ecosystem, constantly changing and adapting to its internal and external environment. We believe in the underlying philosophy that the less you interfere with your skin’s own ability to achieve balance, the better. Trust your skin. All of the products in our line of holistic skin care, body care and cosmetics are formulated with this in mind.

What is the Skin’s Protective Barrier?


To rely on holistic skin remedies during busy and ever-changing schedules, environmental disruptions and seasonal changes means to first recognize the miraculous ways in which our skin intuits and adapts on its own.

Our sweat glands and sebaceous glands work together to produce a thin coating of oil (lipids) and water (perspiration) called the acid mantle. This acid mantle is the skin’s natural protective barrier against disease, chemicals, allergens and toxins. But modern living [tap water, soap, air pollution, etc.] and many conventional skin treatments [exfoliation, acids, retinols, peels, enzymes, lasers, etc.] strip away this natural barrier and disrupt the skin’s ability to protect itself from these external threats.

Mimicking the Acid Mantle through Holistic Skin Care


Because oil, water and minerals are the three major components that make up skin naturally, we turn to plant oils, plant waters and mineral-rich clays to mimic the natural rhythms of the body and meet the skin’s own strategy for hydration, purification and defense.

Oil, Water and Clay are the foundation for healthy skin, and support rather than strip away the skin’s natural protective barrier. This simple trinity realigns our skin with its own innate rhythm, supports the skin’s own natural defenses, enhances the skin’s ability to detoxify and encourages the skin’s own moisturizing and hydration strategy.

Daily application of our Oil Serums and Plant HydroSouls support this protective barrier, providing deep nourishment, hydration and rejuvenation. A weekly clay mask exfoliates, purifies and tones, without dissolving the protective epidermal layer of the skin. Together, these three simple gems perform every task required for effective skin therapy.Oil and Water message on face

How to Support the Skin’s Protective Barrier


This essential, protective and living layer of our skin must be intact for the skin to be able to self-regulate, adapt, retain hydration and moisture, detoxify and maintain general health and radiance. We rely on the best quality plant oils and plant waters to mimic, recreate and reestablish a healthy hydrolipid barrier for the skin.



Cold-pressed and organic plant oils saturate our skin cells in luscious, nourishing lipids while delivering powerful antioxidants, fat-soluble vitamins and phytonutrients.



Plant waters anchor the moisture from the oils more deeply and mimics the protective barrier the skin creates for itself. Our Oil & Water Ritual acts as an antioxidant treatment, toner and moisturizer in one.



Clay acts as a natural exfoliant, allowing plant oils to deliver essential fatty acids, antioxidants and water-soluble and fat-soluble phytonutrients. Unlike acids, peels and enzymes that indiscriminately dissolve both dead and living skin cells, Clay absorbs only the dead — which means it exfoliates without disrupting the skin’s protective hydrolipid barrier. This makes it the only truly sustainable, barrier-supporting option for longterm skin exfoliation.

Oil and Water on hand

With regular use of Oil Serum and HydroSoul, and weekly use of a Clay mask, you enrich your own relationship with your skin. You notice subtle shifts within it. You better understand what it’s asking for. The longer you use them, the more clearly your skin communicates to you.

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