Clay – The Unsung Hero of Natural Skin Care

Clay – The Unsung Hero of Natural Skin Care

I want to clarify a few misconceptions about clay for skin and health care: Clay is not dirt. It is a form of soil residue left over from when the earth was first formed. Clay is alive. And it is the oldest healing material on earth.

“…Even though soil is only a very thin layer on Earth’s surface over the solid rocks below, it is where the atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, and lithosphere meet. Within the soil layer, important reactions between solid rock, liquid water, air, and living things take place. Soil is a complex mixture of different materials….”

Source: Weathering and Formation of Soil: Lumen Learning

Clay is present everywhere, on the ocean floor, along river beds, in fields and valleys, on mountain tops. Its structure and activity depends on its environment. Clay is a naturally occurring mineral rich in silica, calcium, iron, magnesium, and other trace minerals. It shimmers with electromagnetic energy and has been around for a millennium as a natural, traditional healing substance for deep cleansing the skin. It detoxifies the skin by drawing impurities out of tiny dermal pores. It has the ability to absorb excess sebum. And as a building material, the naturally occurring minerals in a clay mask can help support the scaffolding network of the skin’s fibers.

AHA’s vs Clay


Over the years, the simple and effective therapeutic uses of clay for skin purification and exfoliation have taken a backseat to AHA’s, BHA’s, salicylic acids, etc., as well as the ubiquitous fruit enzymes. In contrast to clay’s gentle action, AHA’s can be compared to ‘carpet bombing’ the skin when used consistently. AHA’s action literally dissolves the epidermal layer of the skin. This is the layer of skin you can feel and touch, and it acts as an effective, significantly protective shield against environmental toxins, microbes, fungus and viruses. The epidermal layer is there for a reason.

Daily use of acids creates irritation and heat in many skin types. These chronic, inflamed skin irritations can exacerbate psoriasis, eczema, rosacea. And without the committed, consistent, daily use of a sun protection, acids will darken the appearance of hyperpigmented skin.

During the years I practiced as an esthetician I wanted to utilize an effective alternative to harsh skin acids and irritating enzymes which constantly created an overheated effect on the skin. I disagree philosophically with what I see as the dissolving, inflammatory model at the core of many skin care treatments today - I feel this is a short-sighted way of looking at skin treatment. As a practicing esthetician I was responsible for achieving results with every skin care treatment I did. I needed a product that would actively draw out metabolic impurities from the skin’s pores, absorb excess sebum, and smooth, soften and polish the skin without irritating, thinning and dissolving the epidermal layer.

Clay is cost effective and has the ability to be used over a long period of time, constantly improving skin function and appearance. Energetically, clay also has a cooling effect on the skin, so it’s appropriate for sensitive and delicate skin conditions as well.

Clay activates the metabolism. Its contraction as it dries and expansion as it is removed is similar to a gymnastic workout for the skin. Clay stimulates by increasing blood circulation and oxygenation to the skin, which in turn reduces puffiness and inflammation.

Clay Masks for All Skin

At evanhealy we offer two clay products for all skin conditions.

Green Tea Clay

Our Green Tea Clay is a mixture of green montmorillonite clay and organic Matcha green tea, which adds antioxidant benefits to the skin. Green montmorillonite clay has a more polishing, activating action than rose clay, so it is appropriate for use on congested, teen and impure skin in need of detoxification and purification.



French Rose Clay

Since there are no pink clay minerals in nature, our rose clay is created from a mixture of red and white kaolin clay. This yields a gentler drawing and purifying action ideal for sensitive, delicate skin conditions.


How to Clay Mask


  • Cleanse skin.

  • Mix equal parts clay and HydroSoul in a small bowl or the cupped palm of your hand & blend until creamy.

  • For extra sensitive or dry skin, add a pump of Oil Serum to the mixture.

  • Apply mask with brush or fingertips.

  • Allow mask to dry or moisten with HydroSoul to keep clay activated.

  • Remove with mists of HydroSoul, shower, or by gently wiping with a warm washcloth.

  • Follow with your Oil & Water Ritual, Whipped Shea Butter, Face Balm or Moisturizer of your choice.

Wishing you a peaceful face.

XO, Evan

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