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    A Complete Guide for Chilean Wild Rosehip Seed Oil

    A Complete Guide for Chilean Wild Rosehip Seed Oil

    If we had to choose a single oil to do it all, for everyone, we would choose rosehip seed oil.

    No other singular oil packs so much therapy, rejuvenation and beautification, while having such a universally appealing texture, as our beloved Chilean Rosehip Seed Oil.

    Benefits for your Skin using Rosehip Seed Oil

    • Lightweight & quick penetrating

    • Nourishing & nutrient-diverse

    • Minimizes the appearance of scarring, sun damage, hyperpigmentation

    • Restorative, rejuvenating, enhances glow

    • Beautifying & supportive for all skin — especially acne-prone, scarred and mature

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    What is in Rosehip Seed Oil


    O M E G A 6 + 3

    supportive essential fatty acids that support barrier function, while moisturizing & softening the skin.


    P H Y T O S T E R O L S

    Plant sterols that support the protective lipid barrier. These compounds have been shown to encourage collagen synthesis and protect existing collagen.


    T R A N S - R E T I N O I C A C I D

    Also known as pro-vitamin A. A powerful, rejuvenating compound known to support both aging and acne-prone skin. Smoothes, beautifies, minimizes the appearance of hyperpigmentation, fine lines & scarring.

    L Y C O P E N E

    An antioxidant carotenoid. Pacifies heat, harmonizes skin with the sun.


    As a note: while the shell contains notable amounts of vitamin C, it is not present in the oil, as vitamin C is a water-soluble compound. This is true for all rosehip seed oil.


    To best reap the benefits of oft-adulterated & oft-rancid rosehip you want to make sure the rosehip oil is:

    Wild harvested from certified organic land

    Cold-pressed fresh to order

      Wild-Harvested, Cold-Pressed
      Rosehip Seed Oil

      Our Rosehip Seed Oil is certified organic, wild-harvested, cold-pressed. It comes to us exclusively from over twenty-five farms and ranches that span hundreds of thousands of hectares, in the regions of Bío-Bío and Maule, Chile.

      As a high omega-6 oil (a wonderful thing for the skin), rosehip oil is unfortunately prone to quick oxidation, so it’s ideal to only press the seed when you are ready to use the oil. Our producer cold-presses our rosehip fresh each time we place an order using a special process that keeps the oil untouched by air until we open it in our warehouse in Carlsbad, California.

      We pay sixty percent more for our direct-sourced rosehip than we would if we chose to purchase from distribution warehouses.By paying this premium, we ensure that not only our collectors are paid a fair wage, but also that we have the freshest oil possible, and complete transparency and traceability through every aspect of production. All of which contribute to the profound therapy carried through in this exquisite oil.

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      Wild Chilean Rosehip Seed Oil

      evanhealy Wild Chilean Rosehip Seed Oil

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      Learn more about Rosehip Seed Oil and our Journey to Chile