Welcome to the Enchanting World of Blue Cactus

Welcome to the Enchanting World of Blue Cactus

Welcome to the enchanting world of Blue Cactus. Are you new here? Or are you a well-versed connoisseur? Let us give you an introduction.

For many, Blue Cactus is a gateway into self-care. Though its unexpectedly cult-like status, it has become one of the most popular categories in our product line. The Blue Cactus family is rooted in various combinations of Arizona-grown jojoba, Moroccan blue tansy, Hawaiian sandalwood, Madagascan ylang ylang blossoms, and Moroccan prickly pear seed oil.

Who is Blue Cactus for?


Blue Cactus is a sanctuary for hot, dry, irritated skin. It’s an oasis of calm. It’s a love song to the desert. An invocation to summon the moisturizing, hydrating, cooling, and protective powers of desert plants in order to calm, nurture, nourish, consecrate and cocoon your sacred skin. Blue cactus is a monsoon of moisture - refreshing the parched, fiery terrain of your body.

Read on to get better acquainted with the family.

Blue Cactus Beauty Elixir

blue cactus beauty elixir

Highly concentrated antioxidants, lightweight but protective moisture - the top seller of our Blue Cactus family

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Blue Cactus Beauty Balm

blue cactus beauty balm

A richer, more sumptuous version of the Elixir - ideal for dryer, more compromised skin

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Blue Cactus Body Oil

blue cactus body oil

Cooling, refreshing, moisturizing and ethereal - can be used for body AND face


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The Refining Pair

oil and water refining pair

One of our favorite HydroSouls to pair with Blue Cactus Elixir? Frankincense - another desert treasure. We love this union so much so that we put them together as what we’ve ordained The Refining Pair.

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Some love notes to Blue Cactus

This product is legitimately the most amazing formulation I've ever used. I've tried so many things and my face is so picky. My skin is so hydrated and healthy, it healed a few small breakouts within a few have to keep this miracle balm on the menu!!! — Alison L.

This oil changed my skins life! I’m forever grateful. — katelyn k

This is my favorite face oil literally ever. — Olivia L.

It is the greatest, ever! Like ever! @djanetb

This balm and the oil are my favorite skin products! The scent of the oil is magical and takes me back to the desert — @heddy_g_s

Can I just say I grew up in the desert and these blue cactus products are my jam. I use the elixir and the balm every day. — Jordan S.

Just came out of the shower and used the Blue Cactus body wash followed with the Blue Cactus body oil because the scent is like no other. Now I smell and feel like a goddess. — @paddi78

My life is not complete without this sweet little elixir!!! Olivia

The absolute best facial oil! It has done wonders for my KP. — Blaine D.

This is perfection for my distressed skin that is highly sensitive. Love it so much . — Tracey

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