Spring Skin

Spring Skin

Spring Skin

The Daily Ritual

Spring. The time when the world awakens, shaking the sleepy frost of winter from its wings, and life reinfuses the earth. Buds form on trees, sap rises under bark, and sprouts push their way out of the soil. Movement is here.

This earthly new year is a time for us to start fresh, to clear stagnation, and to shake the weight of winter from our forms. There is a reason why “spring cleaning” plays a long role in human history.

In regards to skin care, spring is a time to refresh and recalibrate. After the hibernation and stagnation of winter, spring skin can be dull, congested and imbalanced. Because of this, we can use spring as an opportunity to start fresh, and as a time to infuse, enliven, and harmonize. Spring is the time to plant the seeds for the skin you want. It is the perfect time to integrate richer and more thorough skin rituals into your life.

The Heart of Spring Skin Support — Clay

The heart of a spring skin ritual is regular and frequent clay masking. Exfoliating, purifying, refining, and mineralizing, clay is the perfect tool for transformation and helps create the perfect foundation for clear, supple, healthy and resilient skin. Followed by nourishment, hydration, and moisture in the form of simple, focused care and botanicals, you have a ritual for blossoming, resplendent beauty.

To help you navigate how to best care for your skin during this liminal season, we’ve created a simple, refreshing, and nourishing spring skin ritual that will empower your skin to thrive during these changing, blossoming spring days.

The Players

A spotlight

Exfoliation. Purification. Hydration. Moisture. Nourishment.

The foundations of the Spring Skin Ritual.

Neem Immortelle Purifying Infusion

facial neem serum immortelle purifying infusion

Neem Immortelle Purifying Infusion is the union of two infused oils, and a single essential oil. It is one of our most simple, unique and most labor-intensive formulations. Neem leaf is the star botanical in Ayurveda for troubled, stressed, highly-expressive and congested skin — and the perfect ally for purifying Spring Skin. This multifunctional gem can be used both as your oil serum AND as a cleansing oil.

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Rose Geranium HydroSoul

rose geranium facial tonic hydrosol toner

A true dermal adaptogen. Indigenous to Africa, rose geranium now lives and thrives around the world. It grows easily, almost profusely, and has an ability to thrive nearly anywhere. Rose geranium’s ability to thrive wherever it lands communicates to the astute observer its tremendous resilience. When used topically, rose geranium delivers this same adaptability and resilience to our skin. How? Because the matrix of phytochemical constituents within this plant re-educates the skin on how to function properly and find its balance. Particularly skin that is experiencing an imbalance of oil production. Dry skin? Rose Geranium. Oily skin? Rose Geranium. Combination skin? Rose Geranium. It is the perfect ally for the liminal seasons of spring and autumn.

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Green Tea Clay + French Rose Clay

green tea clay mask rose facial masking

We exclusively work with Clays to exfoliate the skin. Why? Because unlike acids, peels, and enzymes that indiscriminately dissolve both dead AND living skin cells, Clay absorbs only the dead — which means it exfoliates without disrupting the skin’s protective hydrolipid barrier. This makes it the only truly sustainable, barrier supporting option for longterm skin exfoliation.

While all clays exfoliate, purify, mineralize, and refine to varying degrees, each clay also has its own distinct personality. In that way they are kind of like plants.

French Rose Clay -- This clay is the gentler of the two, and because of that, more universal. It is more topical in its action, and is our first choice for those interested in using clays to refine the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and pores. It's gentle enough to be used in the morning, and be out of the house fifteen minutes later with calm, luminous, compliment-encouraging skin.

Green Tea Clay -- Is the more active, powerful and purifying of the two. It draws deeper, and is our first choice for congested, dull, stagnant, and blemish-prone skin. It is the enchanting union of montmorillonite clay and antioxidant and chlorophyll-rich organic matcha green tea. This one is better saved for a relaxing night in.

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The Ritual



Cleanse morning and night with Cleansing Milk (Rose if your skin is more dry/oily/combination or Blue if your skin is sensitive and reactive) or Tea Tree Gel (if your skin is acne-prone or congested) to remove impurities and prepare skin for hydration, moisture, and nourishment. If your skin is extra finicky, dry, or sensitive, cleanse with your Cleanser in the evening, and in the morning “cleanse” with a simple saturation of HydroSoul, gently removed with a soft cloth.


After cleansing, mist face with HydroSoul. In the palm of your hand, add one to three pumps of Oil Serum (Neem Immortelle Purifying Infusion for congested, troubled skin, or Rosehip (Rose) Balancing Serum for dull, imbalanced, dry/oily/combo skin) and five or more sprays of HydroSoul (Rose Geranium HydroSoul for imbalanced skin, or Tulsi HydroSoul for dull, stressed skin). Blend the two together in your hands and gently press the warmed emulsion into skin.

Extra Support

Optional step for extra-dry skin. Finish with a thin layer of Rose Vetiver Day Moisturizer (for dry, combo, imbalanced skin) or Wild Carrot Immortelle Eye Balm (as an all-over face balm, ideal for sun damaged, sensitive and reactive skin).


Clay Mask

Once or even twice a week, apply a clay mask to exfoliate, refine, purify, and mineralize. Chose French Rose Clay for dry, combination, or sensitive skin, or Green Tea Clay for congested, troubled, dull skin. Start with clean skin. In a small bowl, put about a teaspoon of clay and dribble of HydroSoul (or spring water, or tea). Mix until a creamy consistency is reached. Apply all over face and neck with small mask brush or fingertips. Allow to dry. Drying times and thickness may vary and average between 10 – 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Follow with your Oil Serum and HydroSoul. For extra-dry or reactive skin, you can add a pump of your Oil Serum into the Clay/HydroSoul mixture.

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