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    Our line of holistic and organic skin care products is inspired by the wisdom of nature, formulated to support the rhythms of the body, and created to transform the modern perception of beauty.

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    Our new collection is adaptable,
    multifunctional & nourishing.

    Colors can be combined,
    layered & blended.

    Everything can be worn sheer or built up for more pigmentation & coverage.


    Moisturizing plant milks, luxurious creams, and clarifying gels thoroughly wash away impurities without stripping the skin of its protective hydrolipid barrier.

    We've created our gentle cleansing formulas to nurture and purify your unique skin condition.

    A HydroSoul plumps, hydrates, balances pH, and calms skin.

    When paired with our Oil Serums, they deliver deep moisture and nourishment, while providing a smooth foundation for the application of our balms and Sheer Tint Sun Stick.

    Use our serums to bring out your skin's radiance, reduce the appearance of scars, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation.

    When paired with our HydroSouls, our Oil Serums complete Evan's foundational approach to hydration, moisturizing, nourishment and total skin harmony.

    Pamper and hydrate and cocoon your skin with our whipped butters, lush creams, milky emulsions, and creamy balms.

    Our moisturizers and butters are ideal for skin in need of cooling, cocooning, protective moisture across the face, neck, and decolletage.

    Protect and revitalize the delicate skin around the eyes, soften and nurture lips, and layer on soothing and nourishing sun protection as essential finishing steps in your daily skin ritual.

    A small sensual collection of nourishing oils and whipped butters to soften, moisturize and beautify all bodies from head to toe. Blue Cactus. Neroli Frankincense. Vetiver Hinoki. Patchouli Vanilla.

    Adorn yourself

    With our best sellers

    Beyond Purity

    We view 'clean' as the starting point. The absence of toxins alone does not translate to therapy,
    healing nor vitality.

    At evanhealy: No preservatives. No GMOs. No parabens. No artificial fragrances. No sulfates.
    No silicone. Not tested on animals. Vegan and gluten-free with with the exception of a couple products.

    Oregon Tilth: Organic Certification & Sustainable Agriculture USDA Organic Certification Leaping Bunny Program
    Sensitive Skin — Restoring Harmony and Balance   Our Skin is a messenger. It communicates the state of our inner world —  both physically and emotionally —   and is the part of ourselves through which we experience the world and the world experiences us. Skin is a conduit. Sensitive,... Read more
    This June, in celebration of Pride Month, we are excited to share that $1 from every bottle of our Sanctuary Collection will go to one of the leading advocates for justice and equality for the Black transgender community in the US, The Marsha P. Johnson Institute (MPJI).  MPJI was formed... Read more
    Sanctuary for the world. Sanctuary for the skin. On June 1st we are launching our most important endeavor yet: the Sanctuary Program, and by extension, our Sanctuary Collection. Sanctuary is a small collection of products developed with the intention to help create sanctuary in the world, while simultaneously creating sanctuary... Read more
      Sea Buckthorn Seed and Berry + Pomegranate   Together they amplify the other’s effects. This trio of ingredients exhibit an extraordinary combination of fruit, seed and berry oils known for their revitalizing effect on skin. They are high EFA, carotenes, tocopherols. In addition, they contain polyphenols and conjugated fatty... Read more
    What is an Oil Serum Our Serums are made up of whole plant oils sourced directly from small family farms, women’s co-operatives and co-operative villages around the world. Our approach is a fusion of modalities centered around the goal of realigning skin with its highest potential and awakening its innate... Read more
    Integrating a HydroSoul into your daily protocol will completely transform the efficacy of your skin care and elevate it to the next level. The more HydroSoul you use, the calmer, softer and more luminous the skin becomes.  At evanhealy, we use HydroSoul with cleansers, oil serums, moisturizers, masks, cosmetics and... Read more
    The Oil & Water Ritual is our foundational and transformative daily skin protocol, and a powerful way to infuse nutrients into the skin. Daily application benefits all skin – regardless of skin imbalance, gender, race or age. If you do one thing every day for your skin, make it Oil... Read more
    What is Perioral Dermatitis?   Perioral Dermatitis (PO) is a common pimply rash in the triangular vicinity of the nose and mouth. The causes are generally unknown, and can be multiple and ever-changing making it a challenge to treat. PO can appear similar to other skin conditions, and appears like... Read more
    If we had to choose a single oil to do it all, for everyone, we would choose rosehip seed oil.  No other singular oil packs so much therapy, rejuvenation and beautification, while having such a universally appealing texture, as our beloved Chilean Rosehip Seed Oil.  Benefits for your Skin using... Read more
    Neem and Immortelle go together like bread and butter, flowers and bees, water and life. This powerful plant duo synergizes to create a therapeutic and simple yet rich formulation. Skin Benefits using Neem Immortelle Purifying Infusion   Neem leaf is the star botanical in Ayurveda for troubled, stressed, highly-expressive and... Read more
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