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    Jojoba: Nature’s whole plant-based ceramides

    Jojoba body oil application

    Jojoba is one of the most valuable yet underappreciated allies in the world of botanical skin care.

    Extracted from the seeds of a humble desert bush, jojoba has evolved amidst hot and harsh desert terrain not only to protect itself from its environment but to thrive within it. Over time, it has developed compounds and mechanisms to address protection, repair, moisture and nutrient retention in order to survive.

    Everyone can benefit from the gifts this harmonizing, unintrusive oil brings to the skin.

    Facts about Jojoba


    • Highly moisturizing, protective, cooling, and rejuvenating.

    • Not actually an oil but a liquid wax.

    • Closest chemical match to skin sebum —  acts like a whole-plant version of ceramides.

    • Supports barrier function.  Because of its serum/ceramide-like qualitie —  and like many desert-dwelling plants —  jojoba oil supports barrier function and helps the skin retain hydration.

    • A great ally for skin that has been over processed with exfoliants and other barrier-damaging practices and ingredients.  

    • Because of its unique chemical profile, when stored properly jojoba virtually lasts forever and never goes rancid.

    • Can help extend and preserve the freshness of less stable oils, particularly omega 6 (linoleic acid) oils.

    • A more sustainable plant oil option: jojoba contains a very high oil ratio within the seeds so less plant material is needed to produce large amounts of oils. The plant is also drought tolerant and requires very little watering.

    • Harmonizing. Blends and unifies formulas, and balances oil production in skin.

    • Rich in vitamin E, phytosterols & phenolic compounds

    • A very multi-functional oil that supports, balances, moisturizes and nourishes dry, oil, combination, acne-prone, teen, mature & sensitive.

    Jojoba plantOur certified organic jojoba comes from a small, family-run farm in its native region: the Sonoran desert of Arizona. It has a golden tint, a gentle scent and a smooth texture, making it an exceptional and frequently used plant treasure in many of our product offerings.

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