evanhealy Body

evanhealy Body

A revised collection of nourishing oils and butters to moisturize, soften, and nurture from head to toe

All skin deserves love and attention. All skin deserves a feast of lipids and nutrients, slow, intentional touch performed with the utmost care. All skin deserves to be perfumed with the most beautiful and luscious plant oils. Each inch of our skin requires the same kinds of nutrients and the same kind of support as the skin of our faces. Yet it is rare we give our bodies the same consideration and treatment.

We aim to change that.

We have created a collection of unique, nourishing and luxurious body products to expand your definition of skin care, and reinvigorate and deepen your experience of whole-body self care.

Welcome to our new body collection.

Last year we released a small luxury collection of body washes, oils and lotions. Admittedly, we were a bit indulgent in our ingredient choices, and after our release we listened to your feedback and requests to create body-specific products at a more accessible price.

We heard you. We listened.

We reassessed and evolved the line to be more price accessible, yet equally as nourishing, luxurious and supportive.

Our small, revised collection of unique and reimagined body products has been specifically created to inspire you to approach the way you care for the skin of your body with the same kind of attention, thought, presence you would dedicate to your face.

As we stretch our care and attention downward from our faces, the entire process becomes more grounded. Decadent. Sumptuous. Sensual. Personal. And in that you create an even grander opportunity to be present with yourself in a deeper, more thorough and more compassionate way.

We invite you into this full, sensual immersion of self-care. Join us.


The restorative art of Body Oiling

Traditional alchemy considers oil to be the soul of matter. In Sanskrit, the word for oil — Sneha — also means love. In ancient Egypt body oiling wasn’t considered a luxury, but a necessity and even the lowest class workers received body oils as part of their wages.

All of this history speaks to the power of oils, and the important role they have played in human health and well-being through time. That oil is equated with love leaves no space to wonder why Ayurveda, the holistic healing system of ancient India, uses oil as a tool for everything from delivering nutrients and protecting, to detoxifying and purifying. Why? Because love heals. And to see oil as a physical manifestation of love is to understand the profound extent to which it cradles, nourishes, protects, enriches and enlivens us.

Lipids bathe each cell of the human body, creating a protective membrane around the cell called the lipid bilayer. And what does the lipid bilayer do? It acts as a protective barrier between the cells, while carefully ushering in selective molecules and keeping out pathogens. Its function is very similar to the skin’s own protective barrier, the acid mantle (aka. the hydrolipid barrier).

That every cell in our body is surrounded by lipids speaks to oil’s harmonious synergy with our biology. And perhaps also to the thought that we should be mimicking this biological function with our own self-care practices, through the restorative art of body oiling.

Body oiling is one of the most calming practices a person can do for themselves. Ayurveda recognizes body oiling as a foundational practice for whole body health, as well as one of the most important things you can do for your emotional well-being. This is a belief we share and is one of the reasons our line is so anchored and centered around abundant use of beautiful oils. Not only do oils and daily oiling work to moisturize, soften, nourish and protect the skin, the act of daily oiling also supports more harmonious internal processes as well.

Oils are grounding. And it is because of this quality that Ayurveda employs body oiling as a nervous system restorative. Even after one session of a slow, rhythmic self-massage with oil it’s easy to see how deeply calming and centering this practice can be. Body oiling is a practice that benefits everyone. And most especially those of us with frazzled nerves and stressed spirits.

Because our body oils and body butters are both pure luscious lipids — without the addition of waxes, emulsifiers, preservatives, waters or fillers — both can be used in a daily ‘oiling’ process to achieve the same benefit.

Want to know which one might be more ideal for you and your skin? Read on.

Oil or Butter?

Body Oil

We consider Body Oil to be the most universal choice of moisture. We prefer oils to lotions for their beautiful ability to nourish, balance and soften the skin, while feeding it concentrated, authentic moisture.

By nature oils are lighter, silkier and more quickly absorbed than butters. We use body oils to anoint, nourish, moisturize, soften and infuse the skin with nutrients. And our Body Oils are safe and nourishing to use from head to toe, and can be used on the face, scalp, body and even as an oil cleanser.

For best absorption and experience, apply your body oil when skin is damp and receptive after a shower or bath.

Body Butter

Butters are our first choice for skin that is especially dry and dehydrated. They provide deep, long-lasting moisture to even the driest skin. You can think of our Whipped Butters as the richest oils, because they contain no waters, emulsifiers, fillers or preservatives — they are simply pure nourishing fats.

Our Whipped Butters are velvety and nourishing. A perfect, sealing cocoon. Kpersi Village shea butter is whipped to a lush and decadent, mousse-like perfection with nourishing oils that soften and seal in hydration, while revitalizing and rejuvenating parched, dull skin. Our Whipped Butters can be used for head to toe moisture across all terrains of skin.

For the driest, most moisture-resistant skin, we love to layer oils and then butters over clean skin that is still damp from a shower or bath.

Our Scent Families

Neroli Frankincense

Hypnotic. Resplendent. Sensual.

Ideal for normal, dry and mature skin.

Anointed in beauty. Cocooned in beauty.

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Patchouli Vanilla

Rich. Sumptuous. Alluring.

Ideal for normal, dry and fragile skin.

Anointed in comfort. Cocooned in comfort.

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Blue Cactus

Soothing. Herbaceous. Serene.

Ideal for normal, dry and sensitive skin.

Anointed in peace. Cocooned in peace.

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Vetiver Hinoki

Sacred. Ceremonial. Sensual.

Ideal for normal, dry and devitalized skin.

Anointed in spirit. Cocooned in spirit.

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Sweet Blossom

Refreshing. Centering. Whole.

Ideal for normal, dry and dull skin.

Anointed in wholeness. Cocooned in wholeness.

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