Unexpected Pairings: Treasured product combos from our customers & team

Unexpected Pairings: Treasured product combos from our customers & team

Luna Glow Balm + Rose Vetiver Harmonizing Balm

“My favorite combination right here. It’s like poetry on my skin. I use the Rose Vetiver Harmonizing Balm around my high cheek eye area with a smudge of the Luna Glow Balm and it’s the prettiest natural radiant and hydrated look and feel.”

~ Vanessa, evanhealy customerNourish & Illuminate on face


Apply Face Balm to lips, cheeks, eye area, or anywhere skin feels dry.


Add a gentle highlight to the high points of the face — cheekbones, brow bones, bridge of the nose, cupid’s bow — or anywhere you want to draw attention.

 evanhealy Amazigh Argan Oil + Neroli Blossom PerfumeAmazigh Argan Oil + Neroli Blossom Perfume


This super special (staff favorite) product pairing combines the nourishment of pure, lightweight yet rich 100% Argan Oil Serum, with a splash of Neroli Blossom Perfume to create a Serum that both enhances skin’s vibrance and leaves behind an aura of beautiful orange blossom scent that lasts all day. We like to finish with a touch of Neroli Blossom Perfume on the neck & wrists.

Create this serum by combining the full bottle of Argan and the full bottle of Neroli Perfume in a larger bottle, or wait until you are halfway out of both products to combine.

Sea Algae Serum + Tinted Oil Serum Foundation


Our team of Holistic Estheticians agree there are countless wonderful ways to pair Sea Algae Serum with our Tinted Oil Serum Foundations. Here are some of their go-to methods:

Mix 1-2 pumps of Sea Algae Serum with Tinted Oil Serum Foundation and apply all over the face to soften the appearance of fine lines and pores.

Use Sea Algae Serum as a primer before applying Tinted Oil Serum Foundation to enhance coverage.

Gently smooth a pump of Sea Algae Serum around the eye area before applying Tinted Oil Serum Foundation to soften and soothe tired eyes.

evanhealy Neem Immortelle Purifying Infusion + Green Tea Clay MaskNeem Immortelle Purifying Infusion + Green Tea Clay Mask


For reactive, blemish-prone or troubled skin, mix 1-2 pumps of Neem Immortelle Purifying Infusion into the base of your Clay Mask, along with a HydroSoul of your choice. The combination creates a dreamy mask texture while delivering an extra boost of nutrients and antioxidants to your skin, and cleansing congestion and irritation.

Frankincense HydroSoul + Stressful days

“I have been misting myself with Frankincense HydroSoul while stretching and doing yoga in the sun. It really takes the whole experience to a new level. Utilizing all of my senses heightens the feeling of serenity and calm.”

~ Shirley Jo, evanhealy Holistic Esthetician

Misting evanhealy HydroSoul to the face

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