A Time for Every Season: Revitalizing the skin at any age

misting the hydrosoul

“A time for every season and purpose under heaven.” -Ecclesiastes 3:1-3

evanhealy was created to work with the rhythms of the skin within every phase of life. Beauty exists in all such cycles. 

For this reason, we do not use the term “anti-aging” in our descriptive terminology. We celebrate the graceful adaptation of our skin from youth to maturity. The vitality of healthy skin at age 20 looks very different from the vitality of healthy skin at age 60. They do not need to look the same, nor should they.  Each phase of life embodies its own story. But no matter where we find ourselves on life’s timeline, we can have skin that glows with health and attests to a life well-lived. Our nervous system, the sun, and our environment all play a part in who we are. Whether entering our teen years with hormonal changes evident in our skin, or gazing with wonder at the laugh lines around our eyes, growing older is a challenge and a gift to embrace. Nature has given us many botanical gifts to make the journey easier, to soothe and soften our skin and help it become the best version of itself, no matter what it has experienced or where it is on the journey.

Our choice of plant allies may change from season to season and decade to decade. But one thing remains constant: the ability of botanicals to nurture us throughout our lifetime with their unique signatures.

In keeping with our values toward this holistic approach evanhealy will now provide easier access to our products which are most nurturing for dry and mature skin. These are not new products. They are simply reimagined in a way that is intuitive to the needs of our mature skin. Welcome to our new line: Revitalizing,” which draws on longtime evanhealy favorites for rejuvenating skin at any age.

“Feeling beautiful is something that you can do at any age.”-Evan Healy 

 Revitalizing ritual

The Products 

Patchouli Rose Cleansing MilkPatchouli Rose Cleansing Milk

This silky clay cream cleanser showcases rose geranium and patchouli, known for their respective balancing and calming effects on the skin. It is similar to our Rose Cleansing Milk with the added benefit of patchouli which grounds, soothes, and relaxes, thus softening tension often found in the face.  

  Pomegranate Vitality Serum

Pomegranate Vitality Serum
(formerly Pomegranate Repair Serum)

 The regenerative trio of pomegranate, sea buckthorn berry, and rosehip seed oils offer significant amounts of essential fatty acids, carotenes, tocopherols, and phytosterols. The name change simply reflects the revitalizing glow that this incredible serum imbues.

 Pomegranate Vitality Serum

Argan Intensive Serum

Our first choices for dry and aging skin. Omega 9 deficiency has been documented in dry skin and is one of the main characteristics of mature skin, therefore we love this omega 9 rich oil for its ability to deeply moisturize. Argan oil is rich in squalene and saponins which soften and phytosterols which support elasticity. The beautifying effects of the argan are amplified by the addition of frankincense and sandalwood, both known for their profound ability to rejuvenate the appearance of the skin.

 Frankincense HydroSoul

Frankincense HydroSoul

This sacred resin has been used for millennia and has an amazing ability to deeply beautify and rejuvenate the look of the skin. This sacred water softens, hydrates, and smooths the appearance of fine lines. It is artisanally distilled by a family-run Somali American distillery from the dried sap tears of the desert tree Boswellia Carterii ethically sourced from Somaliland.

 Floral Trinity HydroSoul

Floral Trinity HydroSoul
(formerly Heart of Summer)

A Beautiful union of rose geranium, lavender, and lemon verbena hydrosols. The new name more accurately describes this product while encouraging use beyond the seasonality of summer. We love the invigorating effect of this blend that provides diverse phyto-nutrients from three flowering herbs while serving to balance, calm, and uplift.

 sea algae serum

Sea Algae Serum

Our perennial favorite to add on to any skin routine to take it to the next level. This silky aloe based serum is centered around three nutrient rich ocean plants-bio-fermented bull kelp, bladderwrack, and microalgae. To amplify the beautifying effects of this special marine trinity, we add Gotu Kola, CoQ10, and Hyaluronic Acid. All of these things are great additions for skin that has had a few more trips around the sun. 

 Whipped Patchouli Vanilla Shea Butter

Whipped Patchouli Vanilla Shea Butter

Many of us specifically think of this product when we think of Evan as it is her signature aroma-aged Indonesian patchouli. Patchouli is incredibly beneficial for the skin and has been known to soften the appearance of fine lines while soothing and relaxing stress held in the face. A combination of shea butter from the villages of Kperesi and Konjeihi in Ghana, calendula-infused California-grown olive oil, and a Madagascar vanilla-infused Arizona-grown jojoba oil make up this decadent whipped butter that softens, smooths, and provides abundant moisture.  

Introducing the Revitalizing Ritual

Here we will find some of Evan’s favorite botanicals including patchouli, frankincense, pomegranate, and argan. Along with eating well, exercising, getting enough sleep and managing stress, this incredible cornucopia of flowering herbs, resins, fruit and seed oils combine with our beloved shea butter will help to support and awaken our skin through all stages of life

misting the hydrosoul

The Ritual



Cleanse. AM

In the mornings cleanse skin simply by misting the face with HydroSoul, and gently removing with a clean, dry washcloth.


Cleanse. PM.

In the evenings, cleanse with Patchouli Rose Cleansing Milk. Half a pump mixed with a few dribbles of warm water, massaged into skin, and then rinsed thoroughly.


Hydrate. Moisturize. Nourish. AM + PM.

To create a base of intense moisture and hydration begin by misting your face with an ample saturation of Floral Trinity HydroSoul or Frankincense HydroSoul. In the palm of your hand add one to three pumps of Sea Algae Serum. Smooth all over face and neck. Next in the palm of your hand add one to three pumps of Argan Intensive Serum or Pomegranate Vitality Serum and a few more sprays of HydroSoul. Blend the two together, then gently and slowly press the warmed emulsion into skin. Mist face with a few more sprays of HydroSoul and press in again.


Seal. AM + PM.

While skin is still dewy and plump from your thorough moisture and hydration infusion, melt a pea-sized amount of Whipped Patchouli Shea Butter between palms, and then gently massage into face, neck, and decolletage. This final layer seals in the beautiful hydration you created, and prevents transepidermal water loss, while softening, nourishing, and protecting.



Shea Masking. AM or PM. 

Take two fingertips of Whipped Patchouli Shea Butter and melt between your palms. Massage melted butter into clean skin. Allow to rest for ten to thirty minutes. Take a warm, steamy washcloth and drape it over your face, pressing your hands steadily and slowly against your cheeks, forehead, chin and nose. Repeat this process 3 or 4 times or until your skin has completely absorbed all the shea butter.

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