Where to Buy Hydrosols? A Complete Guide

Where to Buy Hydrosols? A Complete Guide

What is a hydrosol?

Hydrosols are gentle remedies that offer an immense array of benefits to all skin. These simple, gentle yet powerful plant waters have been used for millennia to bring harmony and serenity to skin and spirit. Daily use of a hydrosol tones, hydrates and plumps skin while balancing pH and delivering therapeutic compounds from the plant.

The process of distilling for hydrosols is a slow, gentle one. For every gallon created, 8 pounds of plant material is cultivated, harvested and funneled into alembic copper stills to be distilled over the course of several hours. The substance that emerges contains water-soluble compounds from the plant, cellular water from within the plant, and micro amounts of essential oils. These beautiful, potent plant waters truly embody the soul of the plant — that’s why we call our hydrosol offerings HydroSouls.

Hydrosol vs. HydroSoul

While hydrosol is the generic term to describe the plant water created through distillation, we choose to use the name HydroSoul because we feel it captures the true nature of what a hydrosol really is. The soul of the plant. Since hydrosol can refer to a plant water that is likely a byproduct, reconstituted, and/or distilled from dried plant material, we wanted a word that represented the truth, beauty, and potency of our artisan distilled hydrosols, and that would communicate that they are something real, transformative and profound.

hydrosoul hydrosol flowers plant in water with copper still distillery

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To help you navigate our many HydroSouls, we have gathered them into collections based on common skin conditions below. Let this serve as a guide, but remember you can always choose a HydroSoul simply because you are drawn to its scent, your skin or spirit calls for a particular plant, or because you enjoy the way it pairs with your favorite Oil Serum. Unless you have an allergy or a scent-aversion, there is no wrong choice when selecting a HydroSoul.

Our picks for:

Dry & Dehydrated Skin

Rose Petal | Rose Geranium | Frankincense

Tulsi (Holy Basil) | Floral Trinity

Rose & Jasmine


Mature Skin

Rose Petal | Frankincense | Immortelle

Jasmine | Lavender | Rose & Jasmine


Sensitive Skin

Lavender | Immortelle | Rose Petal


Blemished Skin

Immortelle | Lemon Thyme | Douglas Fir


Balanced Skin

Rose Geranium | Tulsi (Holy Basil)

Floral Trinity | Rose & Jasmine

Douglas Fir


Oily & Combination Skin

Rose Geranium | Lemon Thyme

Blood Orange


Why buy hydrosols from

Hydrosols are one of our best allies in the world of skin care because they are the missing link in hydration. Many people who use a face oil or serum alone are often unsatisfied with the results or feel they also need a moisturizer. This is because applying oil is only half of the equation. Proper hydration and moisturizing is attained with the union of oil and water. Integrating a hydrosol into your daily protocol completely transforms the efficacy of your skin care, and elevates it to the next level.

Our hydrosols are unique in that they are distilled for the hydrosol alone, rather than being a byproduct of the aromatherapy industry. This brings more of the active constituents & cellular water from the plant into the hydrosol, making it far more potent and therapeutic for the skin. They are small-batch, and distilled in alembic copper stills from fresh, organic plant material that is harvested at peak hours.

copper still hydrosols distillery

How to Use a Hydrosol

  • Saturate face morning, night and throughout the day - even over cosmetics

  • Mist after cleansing and before your moisture step (Oil Serum or Moisturizer)

  • Use as the liquid element of Clay Masks, & mist while the mask is on to re-activate clay

  • Use as a gentle morning cleanser by simply saturating the face then softly patting the skin with a clean cloth

  • Mist face generously after Shea Masking

Where to buy different hydrosol scents?

Shop our full HydroSoul Collection

A selection of our HydroSouls can be found at Whole Foods Market, Sprouts, Pharmaca, and many independent retailers. Visit our Store Finder to find a retailer near you.

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