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It’s likely you already know that our product line was created by holistic esthetician Evan Healy to treat the various skin imbalances she was witnessing in her practice in the late nineties.

With our roots anchored deeply in the world of holistic esthetics, it’s one of our greatest honors that twenty years later estheticians and spas around the country choose to use evanhealy in their practice.

We now have a dedicated and passionate team of holistic estheticians who are changing lives with their therapeutic skin care practices.

We invite you to learn about what inspires these beautiful souls, fuels their practice, and why they choose evanhealy for their clients.

Steph Cote

San Diego, California
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Dorothea Johnson

Chattanooga, Tennessee
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Shirley Jo Aiken

Albuquerque, New Mexico
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Laura Jensen

Colorado Springs, Colorado
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