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We’d be nothing without our relationships with our farmers, growers, and producers. Follow us on our journeys to Morocco, Ghana, Chile, and northeastern Washington State to meet the farmers, producers, and land that cultivates your skin care.

Evan's Journey to the Chilean Wilderness

The story of one of our most important ingredients — rosehip seed oil. And our journey into the Chilean wilderness to witness the process of wild-harvesting this miraculous rose fruit. It also goes into the myriad benefits of rosehip on the skin, and the quality you should look for when shopping for rosehip seed oil.


Through Evan’s decades of experience with the skin, we have found hydrosols to be the single most transformative element someone can incorporate into their skin care ritual.

American Family Farm Revival

Witness our relationship with the dedicated farmers and distillers who create these beautiful plant waters — and who are both partners to the land and allies to the plants.

Al Amal Women's Co-Operative

Evan and her team visited Morocco this past spring and journeyed into the Anti Atlas mountains to visit the Al Amal Co-operative. Al Amal is a small, all women's co-op who produce the exceptional, artisan, all hand pressed and certified organic argan oil we use in many of our products. Our purpose was two fold, first we were there to meet the women of the Al Amal, and second to celebrate the planting of over four hundred ARGAN saplings that we helped to finance, assuring the future of these women, their children and village.

Women's Gold ~ Our Shea Butter Story

In January 2014, Evan visited northern Ghana with key members of the evanhealy team. There, in a small village, she met the women of a shea butter collective, and over three days watched and participated in the incredibly labor-intensive process that goes into transforming raw unadulterated shea nut into the rich, creamy yellow butter that plays such a central role in so many of our products. For these women shea butter production is their sole livelihood and it plays a key role in the economic vitality of the whole community. At evanhealy we take pride in supporting the Village through various projects.Your purchase of evanhealy products plays a real part in supporting self-sufficiency of this community.

Douglas Fir Distillation

Our Douglas Fir HydroSoul comes to us from a small family farm and distillery in northeast-ern Washington State. It is hand-harvested from certified-organic wild land using sustainable forestry practices.

The Family Farm Tradition in America

Every year we gather from across the country to witness and participate in the harvest and distillation of this 4,000 year old tradition of transformation.

Co-op Farms of Provence ~ Evan's Journey into the Heart of France

This past spring David and I traveled to the south of France to meet Michel, the head of a forty-member certified organic farm-cooperative. We source a variety of aromatic plants from this co-op including lavender, thyme and clary sage and use these lovely, single grower oils in our serums, moisturizers, cleansers, butters and balms.

Hydrosol Distillation with Evan

Evan Healy conducts a workshop in the harvesting and distillation of rose geranium hydrosol from a certified organic farm in NE Washington State.