Meet Dorothea

Meet Dorothea

Meet Dorothea

Dorothea Johnson

evanhealy Holistic Esthetician and demo rep, licensed for 14 years.


Favorite Product

My favorite product is the Tea Tree Gel Cleanser and Sea Algae Serum! evanhealy skin care is wonderful for keeping your skin naturally balanced and fresh. I use it daily and just makes me feel extra calm and pleasant, especially when I use the Balancing Ritual (previously known as the Rose Balancing Line.)


 How do you find ways to live holistically every day?

Well, I pray a lot, daily, sometimes 3 to 4 times a day. I also try to exercise, this relieves a lot of built-up tension. I love to sit on my back deck and enjoy all my beautiful flowers and nature.


 I wanted to share a few pictures of my journey with evanhealy

This was a while ago, but this is normally my look when I work at the store. I do love my lipstick! This is at Nutrition World in Chattanooga. 

This is called my “Pandemic Look”, no makeup, just pure good skin care from evanhealy.


What has your experience been like working with evanhealy?

I love taking care of my skin and helping others do the same. I love working with evanhealy and doing in-store events.

I have truly enjoyed all of the community events we have had during the pandemic. They have really kept me focused on our industry.


I am back working in my business now in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Inner Glow Skin Care Service 6237 Vance Road Suite 4 Chattanooga, Tennessee 37421


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