The Power of Clay and Clay Masking

The Power of Clay and Clay Masking

Clay is a naturally occurring mineral rich in silica, calcium, iron, magnesium and other trace minerals. It shimmers with electromagnetic energy and has been around for thousands of years as a natural, traditional healing substance for deep cleansing the skin.

Clay + Skin


Soft and gentle, yet very effective and appropriate for all skin conditions.

Magnetically “intelligent” — negatively charged clay attracts positively charged toxins and so absorbs dead skin & impurities, while leaving the healthy living cells unharmed.

Gentle exfoliation that does not dissolve the protective epidermal layer.

Loosens clogged pores.

Absorbs excess oil.

Increases blood and lymph circulation.


Refines the appearance of pores and can minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and scarring.

Green Tea Clay Mask on Face

Clay is an Alternative to Harsh Acids & Peels


Modern exfoliation techniques — both physical (like sugar and apricot shells) and chemical (like AHA, BHA & enzymes, etc) — disrupt and dissolve the skin’s protective hydrolipid barrier, leaving skin health compromised, reactive and unable to self-regulate. Because of their magnetic intelligence clays are a wonderful alternative to these deeply disruptive modern practices. Our clay masks cleanse, detoxify and exfoliate skin without irritating, thinning or dissolving the epidermal layer.

There are many kinds of clay to choose from, but we have found Kaolin, Rhassoul and Montmorillonite clays to be the most appropriate for delicate facial skin. These clays are the base of not only our clay masks, but also many of our cleansers and moisturizers.



sourced from France and used in our French Rose Clay mask, this type of clay is very gentle and ideal for sensitive, congested and dehydrated skin.



sourced from Morocco and used in our French Rose Clay mask, this type of clay is nutrient-rich and very nourishing on the skin.



sourced from Italy and used in our Green Tea Clay mask, this type of clay purifies, detoxifies, tones and firms, and is ideal for blemish-prone, dull or mature skin.

Green Tea Clay and French Rose ClayHarsher clays like bentonite — while great for baths, tooth-care and used on the body — are generally too aggressive for the face and can unfortunately turn people off of the transformative practice of clay masking. For anyone who’s had a negative experience with bentonite or it’s counterparts, we’d suggest giving Clay another try with something gentler and more specific for the face, like our beautiful Clay Masks.

How to use an evanhealy Clay Mask

The Steps of How to Clay Mask

Mix equal parts clay and HydroSoul in a small bowl or the cupped palm of your hand & blend until creamy.

For extra sensitive or dry skin, add a pump of Oil Serum to the mixture.

Cleanse skin, and apply mask with a brush or your fingertips.

Allow mask to dry (10-15 minutes depending on thickness) or moisten with mists of HydroSoul to keep clay activated for longer.

Remove mask with mists of HydroSoul, in the shower, or by gently wiping with a warm washcloth.

Follow with Oil & Water Ritual, Whipped Shea Butter, Face Balm or Moisturizer of your choice.

evanhealy French Rose Clay

French Rose Clay

Our French Rose Clayis created from a mixture of red and white kaolin clay. This yields a gentler drawing and purifying action ideal for sensitive, delicate skin conditions.




evanhealy Green Tea Clay

Green Tea Clay

Our Green Tea Clay is a mixture of green montmorillonite clay and organic Matcha green tea, which adds antioxidant benefits to the skin. Green montmorillonite clay has a more polishing, activating action than Rose Clay, so it is appropriate for use on congested, teen and blemished skin in need of decongestion.

More than Skin Deep

After clay masking, you might have a rosiness on your skin. This is because the clay is encouraging blood and lymph circulation to help draw out impurities. Rest, drink water and follow masking with a nutrient-rich application of Oil & Water.

Offering our clay masks in powdered form rather than as a pre-mixed mask is our intentional choice. Because clay is activated by the addition of a liquid, your mask will be fresher and far more effective when activated just before masking. We believe that lovingly mixing clay with a HydroSoul and slowly applying to your face creates a connection to self-care and a space for self-nourishment. The power of these botanical ingredients becomes more than skin deep, but also about your relationship with yourself.

Clay masking will be most effective when used as one piece of the skin care trinity - Oil, Water, Clay. We think of Oil & Water as feeding your skin daily nutrition, while Clay is your weekly movement. When used regularly, we see that Oil, Water and Clay make the most transformation in skin care.

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