Winter Skin - The Daily Ritual

Winter Skin - The Daily Ritual

Winter is a time for restoration.

The plants die back, centering their energy into their roots, where they sleep and dream. The animals grow still, find a safe place to rest, where they sleep and dream. Winter is a time for us to do the same.

The nature of winter asks us to do the opposite of what our modern world demands. While the modern world asks us to rush and exert ourselves with the pressure of the holiday season, winter asks us to rest, to nourish, to tend to our nervous system and find our center again.

As the earth goes quiet and dark, life retreats into itself to rest, rejuvenate and prepare for the rebirth of spring. The abundance of night that winter offers is an invitation to slow down, sleep, dream, and repair. It is an ideal time to create space in our lives for stillness, to lie fallow.

Welcome to your winter skin care ritual.

Winter skin reflects this state of stillness and asks for similar care — Simplicity. Rest. Deep Nourishment. The colder temperatures, and artificial heat, can zap skin of hydration, leaving us sensitive and depleted. The stress and over-indulgences of the holidays can create disharmony and inflammation. As winter drags on, lack of activity and sunshine can leave our skin dull and devitalized.

Comforting layers of hydration and moisture are the key to keeping skin radiant, resilient and healthy throughout this season. Sealing resins, rich butters, and omega-9 rich oils (a fatty acid that is often deficient in chronically dry skin) are some of our favorite allies for the winter months. To help you navigate how to best care for your skin during this extreme season, we’ve created a simple, nourishing winter skin ritual that will empower your skin to thrive during these cold, dark days.

We hope you enjoy.

The Players

Create & Seal In Moisture. Pacify Heat. Enliven & Illuminate.

The pillars of the Winter Skin Ritual.

evanhealy blue lavender facial cleansing milk skin care cream

Blue Lavender Cleansing Milk

| Cleanse. Refresh. Calm. Prepare. |

A creamy cleanser to purify, calm and soften skin without disrupting the skin’s protective hydrolipid barrier.

evanhealy frankincense facial tonic hydrosol spray

Frankincense Hydrosol

| Hydrate. Tone. Balance. Soothe. |

A quenching drench of resinous hydration to soften, refine and protect.

evanhealy argan intensive facial oil serum with frankincense

Argan Intensive Facial Serum

| Nourish. Moisturize. Enliven. |

A silky and luxurious omega-9 rich serum with resinous frankincense and soothing sandalwood to soften, soothe and illuminate dry, dull, flaky winter skin.

evanhealy whipped moroccan argan body butter jar

Whipped Moroccan Argan Butter

| Seal. Mask. Cocoon. Comfort. |

A multifunctional butter to soothe, protect, and lock in hydration and moisture while comforting dry, sensitive, and flaky skin.

evanhealy whipped shea butter lip balm

Whipped Shea Butter for Lips

| Soften. Soothe. Protect. |

A perfect buttery balm to soften and seal in moisture and hydration.


| Cleanse. AM |

In the mornings cleanse skin simply by misting the face with HydroSoul, and gently removing with a clean, dry washcloth.

| Cleanse. PM. |

In the evenings, cleanse with Blue Lavender Cleansing Milk. Half a pump mixed with a few dribbles of warm water, massaged into skin, and then rinsed thoroughly.

| Hydrate. Moisturize. Nourish. AM + PM. |

To create a base of intense moisture and hydration begin by misting your face with an ample saturation of Frankincense HydroSoul. In the palm of your hand add one to three pumps of Argan Intensive Serum. To that add a few more sprays of HydroSoul. Blend the two together, then gently and slowly press the warmed emulsion into skin. Mist face with a few more sprays of HydroSoul and press in again.

| Seal. AM + PM. |

While skin is still dewy and plump from your thorough moisture and hydration infusion, melt a pea-sized amount of Whipped Moroccan Argan Butter between palms, and then gently massage into face, neck, and decolletage. This final layer seals in the beautiful hydration you created, and prevents transepidermal water loss, while softening, nourishing, and protecting.

| Soften. AM + PM |

As the final step, glide a comforting layer of Whipped Shea Butter for Lips over lips, and around eye area if you need the extra moisture.


| Body Buttering + Shea Masking. AM or PM. |

Body Buttering.

While this can be practiced daily, it should at least be practiced weekly for best results.

After a shower or bath, dip into your jar of Whipped Argan Butter and melt a generous amount between your palms. While skin is still damp massage Butter into your skin from your feet up your legs, torso, and arms, all the way to your chest, neck and, if you’d like, your face. Use a slow, serene, loving touch, and don't leave any place un-treasured or un-oiled.

| Shea Masking. |

Take two fingertips of Whipped Argan Butter and melt between your palms. Massage melted butter into clean skin. Allow to rest for ten to thirty minutes. Take a warm, steamy washcloth and drape it over your face, pressing your hands steadily and slowly against your cheeks, forehead, chin and nose. Repeat this process 3 or 4 times or until your skin has completely absorbed all the shea butter

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