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Last week we enjoyed an enriching autumn skin ritual with our lead evanhealy holistic estheticians.

Each demonstrated different aspects of an evanhealy facial, centered on our signature oil and water ritual that features a generous layering of organic hydrosol and nutrient-dense oil serums.

As a holistic skincare line, we are inspired by nature and its cycles.

The profound rhythms of the natural world played an important role in the traditions of our ancestors. We wish to live in harmony with this inherent wisdom. Thus, we focus on coordinating our skincare rituals with the cycles of the earth and the sun. Autumn is a season to honor the generous bounty that the earth provides. As we observe the transition of the natural world, we think about how we can wisely adapt to life’s cyclical changes. 

Nature’s bounty provides many seasonal plant allies, some of which are featured in this video. Although we used many products which are suited well for autumn, we’d like to highlight two in particular: Pomegranate Repair Serum paired with Rose Geranium Hydrosol.


evanhealy pomegranate repair facial oil serum and rose geranium facial tonic hydrosol in hand outdoors

Among our favorite seasonal plant skincare allies is pomegranate, whose deep red, nutritious fruit ripens in autumn. Like so much in nature, the regenerative properties of pomegranate seed oil become available at exactly the time we most need it. As we transition from the heat of summer, we may experience skin damage or signs of aging, such as hyperpigmentation, thinning, and dryness.

Pomegranate oil, like the fruit itself, is brimming with antioxidants. It is also rich in punicic acid, also known as omega 5, which supports keratin production. Keratin plays a fundamental role in the development of healthy skin, hair and nails.  It aids in wound healing, promotes skin elasticity and helps skin combat stress.

Our Pomegranate Repair Serum pairs well in the autumn with our Rose Geranium Hydrosol. Native to Africa, rose geranium is a tremendously robust, resilient and adaptable plant, which is able to thrive wherever it sinks its roots.  As one of our favorite dermal adaptogens, it helps our skin acclimate during seasonal changes and stress. It regulates moisture content and guides skin back to a state of harmony and balance. Whether our skin is dry, oily, normal or combination, rose geranium is a universal ally, offering myriad benefits to all. 

Please enjoy the following step-by-step tutorial guiding you through our signature autumn skin ritual, and feel free to follow along with the evanhealy products you may have on hand.


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Hello🤗 I just wanted to thank you for sharing the Autumn Ritual. I found each of the ladies presenting to be such beautiful, authentic and soulful women. I am relatively new to EvanHealy having just tried the sample packs of both the Rose Geranium and the Lavender Blue kits. I was blown away by how my skin took to the products, especially the oil serums and hydrosols. I could actually feel my skin “waking up” and feeling fed and nourished. It was truly amazing!
I have found a limited series of your products at Sprouts and Lazy Acres but was wondering if there is somewhere I could try more of the products? My skin is hungry for more! I know your headquarters is in Carlsbad which is very close by where I live. I know you conveniently offer online ordering, however with wanting to try an array of products and adding the shipping costs it may make it prohibitive.

Thank you for being a force for good in the world. The messages expressed about self care and the importance of releasing the negative energy that we all have been subjected to for a considerable amount of time was SO important and timely!

All best regards,
Janet H.

Janet Hjalmarson

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