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Love Song from the Desert

Blue Cactus Ritual

Our iconic Blue Cactus collection is one of the most popular and beloved categories in our product line; a unique blend of Arizona-grown jojoba, Moroccan blue tansy, Hawaiian sandalwood, Madagascar Ylang Ylang blossoms, and Moroccan prickly pear seed oil. The scent is herbaceous, ethereal and fresh.

Who is Blue Cactus for? Everyone. Drawing from the protective powers of desert plants, Blue Cactus provides a sanctuary for every kind of skin.

We think of our Blue Cactus collection as a winter love song from the desert. As the chill sets in, the quiet desert takes on a mysterious quality in winter’s pale blue light. Winter skin asks for simplicity, rest, and deep nourishment. The colder temperatures, and artificial heat can be dehydrating, leaving our skin sensitive and depleted. The stress and over-indulgences of the holidays can create disharmony and inflammation. As winter drags on, lack of activity and sunshine can leave our skin dull and devitalized. Blue Cactus provides hydration and moisture; vital for cocooning our skin, keeping it radiant, resilient and healthy throughout this season. 

To help you navigate how to best care for your skin and all over well-being during this extreme season, we’ve created a curated ritual that is anchored in the therapeutics and beloved scent profile of our cult-favorite Blue Cactus products.

In this enchanting ritual you will find:

Face and Body 

evanhealy blue cactus beauty elixirBlue Cactus Beauty Elixir

Blue Cactus Beauty Elixir is a harmonious compound of three desert all-stars: Prickly Pear, Jojoba, and Blue Tansy. The highly concentrated antioxidants from this trio offer a protective but surprisingly lightweight moisture. This otherworldly elixir is the top seller in our Blue Cactus family. Simultaneously illuminating, softening, cooling and restoring, it exposes and supports the natural beauty of truly succulent and supple skin. It feels lightweight but delivers deep moisture into the cells, while promoting elasticity, pacifying heat and fending off free radicals.


blue cactus body butterWhipped Blue Cactus Body Butter

Soothing. Herbaceous. Serene. Ideal for normal, dry and sensitive skin.

Blue Cactus Body Butter is velvety and nourishing. Our shea butter is whipped to a lush and decadent, mousse-like perfection with nourishing oils that soften and seal in hydration, while revitalizing and rejuvenating parched, dull skin. A perfect, sealing cocoon. It can be used for head-to-toe moisture across all terrains of skin.

This body butter is our first choice for skin that is especially dry and dehydrated. It will provide deep, long-lasting moisture and glow to even the driest skin during the winter. 

Ancient Adornment

blue cactus perfumeBlue Cactus perfume

As the earth goes stark and fallow in the seasons of autumn and winter, our senses also grow quiet. And as we move deeper into cooler and darker days and nights, we often spend less time outside, and less time interacting with plants and the natural world. Yet the body still longs for those connections.

We invite you this autumn and winter to explore the ancient art of Fragrant Adornment. Beyond the enjoyment of smelling lovely, botanical-fragrance is a tool to help us feel more connected to nature, and more connected to ourselves. A tool to keep us grounded, and to awaken our sleeping senses.

Blue Cactus Perfume. Subtle. As sweetly ethereal as clear desert skies. Herbaceous, fresh-scented Moroccan tansy, warm and sacred Hawaiian sandalwood, and honeyed ylang ylang blossoms in full bloom. To quote a customer, “It smells like it came from the realm of fairies.”

lune glow balmLuna Glow Balm

Illuminate and nourish your skin this winter with the moonlit radiance of Luna Glow Balm. Add a gentle highlight to the high points of the face — cheekbones, brow bones, bridge of the nose, cupid’s bow — or anywhere you want to draw attention. Adaptable, gentle and forgiving on the skin. Made with skin softening Al Amal Co-operative argan oil. Add a smudge of Luna Glow Balm over your Blue Cactus Beauty Elixir for the prettiest radiant and hydrated look and feel. 

The Ritual

with Whipped Blue Cactus Body Butter Mask


  1. Cleanse your face with your cleanser of choice.

  2. Mist skin with HydroSoul. For this ritual we like Immortelle, Frankincense or Tulsi. Slowly press into skin.

  3. Saturate the skin with an abundant misting of HydroSoul, pressing the droplets into the skin.

  4. Take about two fingertips worth of Whipped Blue Cactus Body Butter (about half a teaspoon, and melt between palms. Once the butter is melted and distributed over your hands and fingers, begin to massage into your face and neck, starting at the jaw and working up the face in slow, rhythmic motions, and then working down into the neck, and on your decolletage and the rest of your body.

  5. If you’d like, you can take a short rest. Drink some herbal tea, like Tulsi or any tea that draws you. When you’re ready, the key step of a Shea Mask like this is steam. Take a washcloth and submerge it into hot water, wringing it out to remove excess moisture. Place the steamy cloth over your face, pressing slowly and gently into the cheeks, forehead and chin. Repeat until all the Whipped Blue Cactus Body Butter is absorbed and skin feels supple, and resilient.

  6. Saturate the skin with an abundant misting of HydroSoul, pressing the droplets into the skin.

  7. Drench skin with HydroSoul.

  8. Massage in a small amount Blue Cactus Beauty Elixir, while skin is still damp from your HydroSoul application.

  9. Add a smudge of Luna Glow Balm over your Blue Cactus Beauty Elixir for the prettiest radiant and hydrated look and feel. Like Poetry on the skin.

  10. Adorn yourself with an application of Blue Cactus Perfume.


evanhealy blue cactus ritual

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