Into the soul of the plant - a deeper look at HydroSoul

Into the soul of the plant - a deeper look at HydroSoul

HydroSouls are simple yet powerful plant waters that have been used

for millennia to bring harmony and serenity to skin and spirit.

If you’re anything like us, you probably go through alotof HydroSoul, especially during the Summer months. Irritated, red, sensitive and congested skin becomes calmer, softer and more luminous when you incorporate HydroSoul into your daily skin care protocol.


All HydroSouls:


Hydrate, tone, plump and balance pH

Calm, soothe, quiet and cool

Feed the skin water-soluble micronutrients and therapeutic compounds from the plant

Support the skin’s hydrolipid barrier & help drive oil-based products deeper into the skin, making skin care more effective

    HydroSouls embody the soul of the plant.

    Hydrosols are distilled plant water.


    The process of distilling for hydrosols is a slow, gentle one.

    Our sourcing partners are family farms in northeastern Washington State. They cultivate, harvest then distill our favorite plant allies to create our HydroSoul offerings with care and intention throughout every step of the process.

    Hydrosols are distilled plant water


    Plants are harvested during their peak. Only fresh plant material and well water is used in the hand-hammered copper stills in order to capture the plants’ cellular water.


    A flame is lit under the copper stills and the water is brought to a gentle simmer.


    As the steam rises, it breaks open the glands in the plant that contain the aromatic molecules and they rise to the top of the hat, travel through the swan neck, and spiral down through the condenser coil.


    The condenser coil is immersed in cool water, and as the traveling aroma-molecules reach this stage, the temperature change shocks them from vapor into solid, or as we like to think of it, from spirit to matter.


    The substance that emerges contains water-soluble compounds from the plant, cellular water from within the plant and micro amounts of essential oils.

    You can always choose a HydroSoul simply because you are drawn to its scent, your skin or spirit calls for a particular plant, or because you enjoy the way it pairs with your favorite Oil Serum. Unless you have an allergy or a scent-aversion, there is no wrong choice when selecting a HydroSoul.

    Best Sellers

    evanhealy Rose Geranium HydroSoul

    Rose Geranium

    Dermal Adaptogen. Helps support and harmonize sebaceous glands, making it a perfect ally for skin that is oily, dry, and combination.


    evanhealy Lavender HydroSoul


    Peace in a bottle. Calms, soothes and quiets even the most sensitive, irritated, reactive and angry skin. A perfect choice for skin in need of tranquility.⁠⁠

    Holistic Esthetician Team Favorites

    evanhealy Frankincense HydroSoul


    “I have been misting myself with Frankincense Hydrosoul while doing stretching and yoga in the sun. It really takes the whole experience to a new level. Utilizing all of my senses heightens all the serenity and calm.” - Shirley

    evanhealy Immortelle HydroSoul


    We love this one, it helps clear systemic heat in the body and face and when applied with our oil serums it can help minimize the appearance of scars while smoothing the skin.

    Evan’s Favorite

    evanhealy Douglas Fir HydroSoul

    Douglas Fir

    “Douglas Fir HydroSoul is very seasonal. It is only available when the Douglas Fir trees produce the sap and resin in the tips, small branches and needles, and this only happens when the temperatures get colder. The tree resin is produced as a vital and protective substance. Doug Fir HydroSoul offers this same vitalizing, protective activity on the skin and psyche. It’s truly magic in a bottle.” - Evan

    A selection of our HydroSoul can be found at Whole Foods Market, Sprouts, Pharmaca, and many independent retailers. Visit our Store Finder to find a retailer near you or Shop our fullHydroSoul Collection right from our website.

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    Not sure where to incorporate a HydroSoul into your daily ritual? Read our Blog,How to Use a HydroSoul to learn all the different steps of your skin care routine you can add in a HydroSoul to care for your skin.

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