Sacred Resin: Frankincense Winter Ritual

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Welcome to your Sacred Resin Ritual. Uplifting, clarifying and protective, Frankincense is a powerful botanical ally with a rich history. Used as a spiritual tool, entwined with meditation and ritual for centuries, it is a time honored medicine and treasure, however, not many know that it is a dream ingredient for the skin.

Frankincense is protective, purifying, and fortifying for all skin and spirits. 

It is particularly a time-honored choice for skin that is dry, mature or compromised from overexposure to the elements. Its resin has long been associated with the sun–and like many solar plants, has a ‘brightening’ and illuminating effect on the skin. With an inherent ability to deeply beautify, fortify, and rejuvenate the skin, frankincense is helpful in all its forms: essential oil, hydrosol, resin-infused oil.  In this curated ritual, you will be able to experience all three therapeutic forms. 

Enjoy this collection of products featuring sacred Frankincense:

sanctuary butterSanctuary Butter

A nourishing, softening, revitalizing butter that acts as a multi-omega, multivitamin, multi-nutrient for skin. A blend of shea butter and oils of rosehip, argan, pomegranate, prickly pear, sea buckthorn, calendula-infused olive, and frankincense resin infused jojoba.


Frankincense HydrosoulFrankincense HydroSoul

A quenching drench of resinous hydration to soften, refine and protect.


Argan Intensive SerumArgan Intensive Serum

A silky and luxurious omega-9 rich serum with resinous frankincense and soothing sandalwood to soften, soothe and illuminate dry, dull, flaky winter skin.

The Ritual

Hydrate. Moisturize. Nourish.
AM + PM.

To create a base of intense moisture and hydration begin by misting your face with an ample saturation of Frankincense HydroSoul. In the palm of your hand add one to three pumps of Argan Intensive Serum. To that add a few more sprays of HydroSoul. Blend the two together, then gently and slowly press the warmed emulsion into skin. Mist face with a few more sprays of HydroSoul and press in again.


AM + PM.

While skin is still dewy and plump from your thorough moisture and hydration infusion, melt a pea-sized amount of Whipped Sanctuary Butter between palms, and then gently massage into face, neck, and decolletage. This final layer seals in the beautiful hydration you created, and prevents transepidermal water loss, while softening, nourishing, and protecting.


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