Rose Geranium & Immortelle HydroSoul ~ A Precious Co-Distillation

Rose Geranium & Immortelle HydroSoul ~ A Precious Co-Distillation

When two become one. Synergistic plant magic in a bottle.

Last week, we were finally able to share with you one of the most unique and special hydrosols we have ever experienced. And, as a Truth Seeker on our mailing list, you’re finding out about this new product before everyone else. Rose Geranium & Immortelle precious co-distillation. Hand-harvested, artisan-distilled in copper by our beloved distillers in Washington state, this delicate dual plant water is an exquisite companion for all skin and unparalleled in its therapy.

~ For all skin, especially stressed, inflamed, swollen, teen, and mature

~ Precious co-distillation

~ Notes of tea, hay, honey, and roses

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A co-distillation is when two or more plants are distilled at once. It is not two hydrosols blended together, but two plants mingled and transformed in one action. In short, it is synergistic botanical art. The resulting hydrosol is utterly enchanting.

In this incredibly unique and therapeutic HydroSoul, our artisan distillers have co-distilled two of our most cherished skinsaviors — Rose Geranium & Immortelle.

Together they almost fall into each other and become one — a divine aromatic union. The individuality fades away and a singular entity is created, both in activity and in fragrance. This special HydroSoul does all the singular plants do and more.

There is a mystery to plantunion and a mystery to the synergy that is cultivated when plants are thoughtfully brought together. The magic that is engendered in this special and masterful art piece is palpable and it can be smelled, felt and seen on the skin.

The scent is totally unique, but it borrows the herbaceous honey &hay-like qualities of Immortelle, as well as the floral leafiness of Rose Geranium, and somewhere underneath the crystalline tea-like scent is a faint and gentle note of spice.

Native to Africa, Rose Geranium is a tremendously robust, resilient and adaptable plant and thrives wherever it sinks in its roots.

This plant is one of our most cherished skin allies. As a dermal adaptogen, it helps skin adapt to stress, regulates moisture content, and guides skin back to a state of harmony and balance. Dry, oily, normal and combination skin all benefit from its myriad of benefits. It is cooling, hydrating and a true botanical gem for all kinds of skin.

Immortelle embodies solar radiance. Its Latin name Helichrysumitalicum even translates to golden sun. It is a plant that even when harvested and dried, never loses its integrity, beauty, shape, or scent. Because of this, it is called Immortelle or Everlasting.

To understand how a plant might affect us, we can look to what it does in its own nature. In Immortelle, we can see everlasting harmony and beauty. Even its names tell tales of the unending radiance it cultivates.

However profound the role of radiance is in our lives, Immortelle does more than just rejuvenate.

Immortelle's ability to minimize the appearance of bruising and swelling on the face are legion. Think puffy eyes, dark circles under the eyes, even tattoo aftercare. It is one of two featured ingredients in our Wild Carrot Eye Balm - targeting dark circles under the eye, and morning eye puffiness.

With both tenderness and power, Immortelle also cares for skin affected by excessive heat, flakiness, redness, puffiness, irritation, and sensitivity. Immortelle supports transformation —minimizing the appearance of hyperpigmentation, pacifying heat, smoothing roughness, rejuvenating, and restoring radiance, purity, and suppleness.

Together these two plants, in this one precious co-distillation truly work magic. Helping skin adapt to stress, regulating moisture levels, pacifying heat, calming, soothing and rejuvenating all skin — this is a HydroSoul for everyone.

As a result of its rarity, this very special, very small batch HydroSoul will be seasonally available on our website only.

Rose Geranium & Immortelle HydroSoul - A Precious Co-Distillation

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