Oil Means Love: Three Curated Body Rituals

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Love heals. Oil heals. 

In Sanskrit, the word for oil - sneha - also means love. This association helps us understand how the ancient world discerned the healing qualities of both. evanhealy shares the Ayurvedic recognition of body oiling as a foundational practice for whole body health.  This is one of the reasons why our line is anchored and centered around abundant use of natural oils. Nature’s gift to us. 

Lovingly anointing ourselves with oil is a practical expression of self-care. When practiced regularly, its effects are healing and grounding - similar to the feeling of being saturated with love. It draws us into a deeper connection with ourselves, helping us to be more aware of changes in our body. It can calm and balance the nervous system and impart a deep sense of groundedness. It also supports digestion and elimination, moisturizes and tones the skin, boosts vitality and cultivates self-nourishment through the sense of touch. Yes, it is true - oil is love.

Which Oil is Love ritual is ideal for you? 

Here are three rituals, each lovingly curated with one body oil, one body butter and one plant perfume drawn from each of our scent families. Worn individually, the scents in each family are self-realized: strong, rich and complete. Worn layered, these scent families reach an even higher heaven. Together they sing. Harmony, melody, and even something more - something mysterious, complex and beautiful. Each scent family is curated to let you or your loved one experience an exquisite full size sampling of our body and fragrance line. Designed to deepen your connection to your body, and encourage you to create the space for self-love through the ancient art of body oiling and buttering with whole plant essential oils.

Because our body oils and body butters are both pure, luscious lipids - without the addition of waxes, emulsifiers, preservatives, waters, fillers, or chemical perfumes they can be used daily. For extra dry skin, we love to layer oils, followed by butters over clean skin that is still damp from a shower or bath. This three-part layering is crowned with a final adornment of a pure, plant-based perfume oil.

Eternal Beloved

The Eternal Beloved ritual will awaken unconditional love and elevate your highest self.  The ritual bundle includes: Sweet Blossom Body Oil, Patchouli Vanilla Body Butter and Neroli Perfume. Layered together, they create the ultimate botanical bouquet that is bright and romantic, joyfully dancing with earthy, sensual honey-sweetness.

Eternal Beloved ritual

Sweet Blossom Body Oil

Silky, harmonizing moisture drench for skin with rejuvenating pomegranate seed oil.
Scent family: neroli, frankincense, ylang ylang, petitgrain.

Patchouli Vanilla Body Butter

Rich, cocooning body moisturizer.
Scent family: Indonesian patchouli, Madagascar vanilla.

Neroli Blossom Perfume

Uplifting and skin revitalizing. Divinely nectarous citrus blossoms.

    Twin Flame

    The synergistic dance of our Twin Flame ritual will simultaneously ground and lift you. This ritual bundle includes Neroli Frankincense Body Oil, Blue Cactus Body Butter, and Vetiver Hinoki Perfume. These earthy and floral scents are united together, working in harmony to nourish your skin and make your spirit soar.

    Twin Flame ritual

    Neroli Frankincense Body Oil

    Silky, sweet, moisturizing body oil with ceramide rich Arizona-grown jojoba oil.
    Scent family:
    neroli blossom, Somalian frankincense resin, Madagascar vanilla, and sweet orange.

    Blue Cactus Body Butter

    Soothing, cocooning body moisturizer.
    Scent family:
    blue tansy, ylang ylang, Hawaiian sandalwood.

    Vetiver Hinoki Perfume

    Sacred, sensual, ceremonial. Sweet woods and roots.

      Kindred Spirit

      Kindred Spirit is a ritual that is deeply grounding and soothing. This ritual bundle is composed of harmonious layers of scents and moisture and nourish the skin and strengthen the soul. Layered together, this deeply spiritual combination of kindred aromas is affirming, serene and relaxing.

      Kindred Spirit ritual

      Blue Cactus Body Oil

      Silky, cooling, moisturizing body oil with antioxidant-rich Prickly Pear Seed Oil.
      Scent family: blue tansy, ylang ylang, Hawaiian sandalwood.

      Moroccan Body Butter

      Ultra nourishing body moisturizer.
      Scent family: sweet orange, lavender, ylang yang.

      Sandalwood Perfume

      Grounding, sacred, healing. Creamy, caramelized woods. 

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