Introducing Skin Care Trinities ~ Nature Welcomes All

Introducing Skin Care Trinities ~ Nature Welcomes All

Nature creates harmony in all bodies. This we know for sure. Nature doesn’t discriminate, doesn’t measure worthiness through gender, race, or religion. Nature heals. It embraces all.

Beauty and Nature are inextricable — for what could be more beautiful than the deep mystery and divine order that weaves through the inner-workings of the natural world? Through nature, harmony is restored. With nature, beauty is imminent.

We draw directly from nature - materials that have been used by our ancestors for thousands of years - to create harmony in all skin. Oil, water and clay. The simple application of plant oils, plant waters, and earthen clays realigns us with our skin’s highest potential, using only our earth’s exquisite bounty.


Oil, water, and minerals are three major components that make up skin. By turning to plant oils, plant waters, and mineral-rich clays we are able to mimic the natural rhythms of the body and meet the skin’s own strategy for hydration, purification and defense.

Here’s why: Sweat glands and sebaceous glands work together to produce a thin coating of oil (lipids) and water (perspiration) called the acid mantle. The acid mantle is the skin’s protective barrier against disease. Conventional treatments strip away this natural barrier, disrupting the skin’s ability to protect. Daily application of our Oil Serums and Plant HydroSouls support this protective barrier, providing deep nourishment, hydration, and rejuvenation. A weekly clay mask exfoliates, purifies, and tones, without dissolving the protective epidermal layer of the skin. Together, these three simple gems perform every task required for effect skin therapy.

Cold pressed and organic plant oils saturate our skin cells in luscious, nourishing lipids while delivering powerful antioxidants, fat-soluble vitamins and phytonutrients. When paired with our HydroSouls, our Oil Serums anchor in deep moisture and support the skin’s protective barrier. The foundation for deep skin nutrition.

Plant waters created through the ancient art of distillation drench our thirsty skin in profound hydration. Containing cellular water, water soluble compounds and volatile actives — Hydrosols truly represent the whole plant and as water-dominant beings, we do especially well with water-based delivery systems like hydrosols. These simple one-ingredient waters contain rejuvenating, cooling and calming compounds and effortlessly work to balance pH, hydrate and plump. Spray all day.



Minerals provide structure. On our earth, they make up plateaus and mesas, the highest mountains and the deepest caverns. Negatively charged clays attract positively charged toxins and draw impurities from pores with their earthy magnetic pull. When mixed into a cooling paste with one of our hydrosols, a weekly clay mask exfoliates, purifies, and tones, without dissolving the protective epidermal layer of the skin. Ground your self care practice with a simple clay mask.



With our modern measurements of time, human beings have created a powerful symbol of renewal — the year. Each time we begin a new orbit around the sun, we have an opportunity to start fresh, to begin again, and to recommit to our health, healing, and self-care.

To simplify the process of committing to skin health, we’ve decided to bundle our customer-favorite transformative trios of Oil Water Clay.





Nature Welcomes All - Introducing Skin Trinities

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