The Cultural Conservancy - Our Sanctuary Recipient November 2021

The Cultural Conservancy - Our Sanctuary Recipient November 2021

Help create sanctuary for all by supporting the voices & vision of Indigenous Communities


Indigenous peoples speak of our role as Nature, rather than nature being viewed as separate, outside, ideal, perfect. In fact, many Indigenous languages don’t have a word for Nature, only a name for Earth and our Universe. As cells and organs of Earth, we strive to fulfill our roles as her caregivers and caretakers. We often describe ourselves as “weavers”, strengthening the bonds between all things.

Multi-generational disruption of Indigenous knowledge and land-based practices has impacted the foundation of sacred understanding from which Native American people relate to their ancestral lands, waters, plants, and foods. This month we are honored to elevate the voice of The Cultural Conservancy, a Native-led Indigenous rights non-profit organization whose mission is to protect and restore Indigenous cultures and empower them in the direct application of traditional knowledge and practices of their ancestral lands.

Since 1985, they have worked to protect ancestral lands, revitalize traditional knowledge, host community workshops, create media publications and films, conduct public education events and art exhibits, re-grant Indigenous-led organizations, develop an alliance for Indigenous solidarity, and restore Indigenous health and food systems in Native communities throughout Turtle Island and Abya Yala (the Americas) and Moananuiākea (the Pacific).

woman standing on the grassFor the month of November, $1 from every bottle you purchase from our Sanctuary Collection goes directly to The Cultural Conservancy’s work of mending the broken circle of these Native lifeways and creating access and opportunities for Native communities.

donate directly to Cultural Conservancy

Your support helps carry out programs such as:


Native nutrition & cooking classes

Growing produce for Native health centers

Youth mentorship in youth programs

Transporting urban youth to Native farm classes

Online courses for international Indigenous partners

Native youth foodways internship

Transcribing an elder’s recorded story

    Their website is also home to a myriad of meaningful resources:


    We love their podcast, Native Seed Pod, which explores and celebrates Native foodways, ancestral seeds, and the traditional ecological knowledge needed to renew the health of the Earth and all our relations.


    A vast collection of award-winning films and documentaries, both long and short, created in partnership with other Native-led organizations that talk about seed saving, the slow food movement, and so much more.


    Explore recent photographic publications + astounding Indigenous artistic works through their virtual art exhibits.


    Read stories, learn Traditional ecological knowledge, songs, and more through their online panels, discussion and workshops section.


    Stay up to date on their current projects and initiatives via social media or by signing up for their newsletter.

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    $1 from every bottle goes to human rights & environmental organizations.

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