Is there such a thing as anti-aging?

Is there such a thing as anti-aging?

Let’s start with the premise that as the years pass our body, mind, and spirits will change.

As it applies to skincare, my area of expertise and training, I’ve never believed in the excessively overused term “anti-aging” because it puts the emphasis on, not only a negative (anti) but more to the point, what is physically impossible, that we will never age.

I would prefer to focus on vitalizing and energizing our body’s inner and outer terrain, and focusing on the manifestation of overall health of our body, which will net the results we are all looking for: harmony, beauty, and a reflection of peace of our spirits and a healthy body to carry us through our lives. Support pro-aging by tackling ageism.

Pro-aging replaces anti-aging with reality and does away with the notion that we will stay “forever young”, which makes a sweet lullaby for a cherished son (words by Bob Dylan for son, Jesse) but does nothing for reality, and I am, ultimately and above all, a realist.

I like to see things as they are. Of course, I dream, I have hope, I pray, chant and dance……but I like to start with the facts.

We are aging.

Holding on to our youth with a white-knuckle grasp will only, in the end, serve to stress us out faster. We are always in the process of becoming and passing away, nothing ever stays the same, that is the good news, that is the bad news (I’m a realist, remember?)

The good news: All this said, taking care of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual selves can do a world of good, and visibly improve the health and appearance of our skin.

The Basics of Vitalizing Skin


My favorite choices for foundational health of skin are to restore hydration and oil balance. Most skin I see is dehydrated. My entire line that I have created focuses on working towards establishing balance and maintaining a healthy acid balance and microbiome.

Daily use of a HydroSoul is a must, misting frequently to restore hydration to skin and offer an invisible protective shield around us. When used in concert with any of our Day Moisturizers, Oil Serum or Balms, the two will minimize the appearance of any fine lines and wrinkles and also work to relax our facial musculature releasing the stress held in our face, neck, and shoulder areas. Scrunched up shoulders will affect the entire body.

My favorite treatments for restoring moisture are first the Oil Serums. Depending on the skin’s moisture balance and time of year, I will either use as simple a choice as Wild Chilean Rosehip Seed Oil, or if it is cold, I like to layer an Oil Serum and follow it with one of our Balms or Whipped Butters, to seal in hydration.

So, my philosophy is and always has been pro-aging. You will see it reflected in every single product in my line. I love what Frances McDormand, one of my favorite actresses said a few years ago:

“Getting older and adjusting to all the things that biologically happen to you is not easy to do, and is a constant struggle and adjustment. So anything that makes that harder and more difficult — because I don’t believe that cosmetic enhancement makes it easier; I think it makes it harder. I think it makes it much more difficult to accept getting older. I want to be revered. I want to be an elder; I want to be an elderess.”

- Frances McDormand


~ Evan

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